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Senior Internal Auditor

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  • Michael Page Dubai, UAE
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-07-20

Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor

Job In Dubai

Company: Michael Page Dubai, UAE

Start Date: 2024-07-05

End Date: 2024-07-20

Job Description

You will conduct audits of internal systems and processes, identifying any compliance weaknesses. You'll also collaborate with the risk management team to strengthen risk awareness and ensure adherence to company policies.

Client Details

This established company is a major player in the Middle East, boasting a diversified portfolio across several industries. They act as a bridge between international brands and the regional market, offering everything from automobiles and retail experiences to real estate development and travel services. Their focus on diverse offerings allows them to cater to a wide range of customer needs and maintain a strong presence in the region.


Contribute to the annual internal audit plan: Identify and assess key risk areas within the organization to inform the development of the annual ICFR audit plan.Develop detailed audit scopes and plans: Collaborate with management to define the specific areas and activities to be reviewed in assigned ICFR audits, ensuring comprehensive coverage.Lead and manage the engagement team: Clearly communicate assigned tasks and ensure the team delivers high-quality, accurate, and efficient work throughout the ICFR audit process.Evaluate internal controls and compliance: Assess the effectiveness of internal controls within the designated ICFR audit scope and ensure adherence to the group's policies and procedures.Identify and address control weaknesses: Clearly define audit issues and root causes, recommend improvements to internal controls and business processes, and ensure timely implementation of corrective action plans.Support field audit execution: Assist field auditors in conducting ICFR audits according to defined plans, budgets, and established audit methodologies.Analyze audit findings and prepare reports: Review audit programs, analyze findings and supporting documentation, and contribute to the creation of accurate and comprehensive ICFR audit reports.Ensure comprehensive coverage: Review findings from field audits and identify any additional areas or activities requiring examination for a complete picture of the company's financial health.Collaborate with management: Facilitate discussions with management regarding draft ICFR reports, address any discrepancies, and finalize the report with management's input.Perform special ICFR audits: Conduct in-depth investigations of critical business segments upon request or as advised by the Audit Manager, identifying weaknesses and recommending effective control measures.Support risk management initiatives: Assist the Head of Risk with governance and risk initiatives to strengthen the organization's overall risk culture and governance structure.Contribute to risk assessment: Participate in risk assessments for relevant entities/projects, identifying and evaluating potential risks that could lead to financial loss, injury, or legal liability.Maintain and update the risk register: Identify and update key risks within the risk register.Develop and implement risk mitigation plans: Collaborate with risk owners to develop and implement risk mitigation plans that address identified risks and improve control frameworks.Promote risk management best practices: Assist the Head of Risk in rolling out group-wide risk management policies and promote best practices throughout the organization.Mentor and support colleagues: Guide and support peers to enhance their performance and ensure they consistently deliver high-quality work.


Professional Credentials: Hold a recognized accounting designation (Chartered Accountant - CA/ACCA/CPA - or Inter CA) with a postgraduate degree in Accounting or Finance (preferred).Experience: Possess a minimum of 5-8 years of experience in finance and accounting, including 3-5 years in a Financial/Operational internal audit role. Prior experi
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