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MENA Product Line Manager - Drilling Technologies (Directional Drilling/MWD)

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  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-06-22

Job Title: MENA Product Line Manager - Drilling Technologies (Directional Drilling/MWD)

Job In Dubai

Company: Confidential Company Dubai, UAE

Start Date: 2024-06-07

End Date: 2024-06-22

Job Description

Job Summary. 

The purpose of the Product Line Manager is to:

  • To help establish Product Line sales initiatives and strategies within the Region. Increase the customer spend of PL products in the Region – business development role.
  • Establish relationships with the district's strategic customers and become the focal person and advocate between operations, manufacturing, Product Line products product line, and the Downhole management team – business development role.
  • Ensure that effective processes are in place that communicate customer needs and delivery of Product Line products and services – PL role to assist operations.
  • To work with district management to set metrics around performance, account management, and profit-generating objectives for the District Product Line products sales team – PL role to assist operations.


  • To work with the Regional/District Sales Teams in building and implementing sales/business strategies to generate and grow revenue around Product Line products
  • Lead and assist in setting pricing strategies for the Regional/District for Product Line products
  • Assist the Regional/District management team with revenue/BM forecasting related to PL products.
  • Ensure all PL product initiatives are communicated within the District to sales/Ops and PL support teams
  • To establish accurate market segmentation, market share, and market trend information
  • Lead and assist on product rationalization initiatives and OES management.
  • Lead and assist with the introduction of new products to the Region and assist with new product development field testing initiatives. 
  • Monitor and report issues with product quality and delivery coming from the Product Centers to the Area ops teams.
  • Be the focal point for PL product commercial launches/initiatives, tradeshows and conferences. 

The Product Line Manager works closely with the District Sales Teams to:

  • Map relationships within the district's customers and assist regional sales teams with client visits.
  • Work with region sales and DSE teams supporting the PL for technical development.
  • Work with region operations managers to ensure the service shops, asset & inventory managers are capable of managing the PL tools and equipment.
  • Communicate the needs and key initiatives of the Area customers back into the district and area management.

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