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Relationship/ Sr. Relationship Officer -Personal Loan - (Banking Sector)- 100 Nos

  • Dubai
  • Star Services Dubai, UAE
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-06-15

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Job Title: Relationship/ Sr. Relationship Officer -Personal Loan - (Banking Sector)- 100 Nos

Job In Dubai

Company: Star Services Dubai, UAE

Start Date: 2024-05-31

End Date: 2024-06-15

Job Description

  • Develop and maintain relationships with potential borrowers to generate new leads for personal loan applications.
  • Assess the creditworthiness of loan applicants and make informed decisions on loan approvals.
  • Explain loan terms and conditions to borrowers and address any queries or concerns they may have.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies during the loan application and approval process.
  • Monitor loan performance and follow up with borrowers on overdue payments or delinquencies.
  • Provide excellent customer service by maintaining regular communication with borrowers and assisting them with any loan-related issues.

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