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Contracts Manager

  • Dubai
  • Prosource HR Consultancy LLC Dubai, UAE
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-06-15

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Job Title: Contracts Manager

Job In Dubai

Company: Prosource HR Consultancy LLC Dubai, UAE

Start Date: 2024-05-31

End Date: 2024-06-15

Job Description

Job Purpose


Look after Contracts Specialist experienced in reviewing contracts during of contracts and administration of post-award contracts. 


Job Responsibilities


  • Review the terms and conditions and the contract provisions in the tender documents.
  • Provide contract summary of the major provisions in the tender.
  • Assist in assessing the contract risks and in providing the mitigation plans.
  • Provide the list of risks, proposed deviations and qualifications from the tender documents.
  • Liaise with insurance and finance departments to review the provisions of insurance, funding and bonds.
  • Review and prepare agreements such as NDAs, MOUs, and pre-tender agreements.
  • Prepare particular terms and conditions specific to each Project which including flow down provisions from prime contract and any agreed deviations with subcontractors and vendors.
  • Reviewing, negotiating and concluding any qualification/ deviation raised by the bidders for subcontracts and POs. 
  • Compile the subcontract and PO to the awarded bidder.
  • Draft letters & notices and manage correspondences.
  • Prepare variations and statements of claims inclusive of contemporary records and supporting documents. 
  • Meetings with clients, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Assist the department in reviewing and resolving disputes.


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