Confidential Company Abu Dhabi, UAE

Azure Machine Learning Consultant - Immediate Joiner - Contract Duration: 4 months

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Confidential Company Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Posted date: 2 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-05-23

Job Title: Azure Machine Learning Consultant - Immediate Joiner - Contract Duration: 4 months

Job In Abu Dhabi

Company: Confidential Company Abu Dhabi, UAE

Start Date: 2024-05-08

End Date: 2024-05-23

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Azure Machine Learning Consultant to join our team. As an expert in Azure Machine Learning, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing machine learning solutions on the Azure platform for our clients. Your primary focus will be on understanding client requirements, architecting robust machine learning pipelines, and delivering scalable and efficient solutions that address business challenges. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams including data engineers, data scientists, and business stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery.

Contract Duration: 4 months


• Collaborate with clients to understand their business objectives and requirements for machine learning solutions.

• Design and architect end-to-end machine learning pipelines on the Azure platform.

• Develop and implement machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning Services.

• Optimize machine learning algorithms for performance, scalability, and efficiency.

• Conduct model evaluation, validation, and testing to ensure accuracy and reliability.

• Deploy machine learning models into production environments on Azure.

• Provide technical guidance and support to clients and internal teams.

• Stay updated on the latest advancements in Azure machine learning technologies and best practices.

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