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Assistant Specialty Leasing Manager

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-30

Job Title: Assistant Specialty Leasing Manager

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2024-01-30

End Date: 2024-03-30

Job Description

Overview of the role:

To maximize incremental income for DFC and DFP malls and contribute in the achievement of business target through implementation of a competitive and innovative Specialty Leasing Programme directed at marketing, promoting and leasing of common mall and project area sites, retail merchandising units to external agencies , organisation, associations or individual operators.


What you will do:

Responsible for:

Business Plan & Leasing Strategy :

Responsible for collating information from market/ team members/ research reports etc. and developing a business plan for Specialty Leasing in consultation with marketing and leasing department for presentation to General Manager-Festival Centre or the respective General Manager’s at each mall.


Implementation of Leasing Plan:

Responsible for the implementation of the strategy for the Specialty Leasing Team, by ensuring collaboration with Marketing Team and capitalizing on periods of heavy traffic; seeking new opportunities for sponsorship. Identify opportunities for converting unused common area into income producing areas in line with the overall strategy and direction.


Business Development:

Lead the team in achieving specialty leasing targets, by identifying and marketing the concept and ‘offering’ to prospect companies/ organisations/ associations, as well as encouraging the participation of the long term retailers in such programmes.


Relationship between tenants in shops and Specialty Leasing Licensees:

Communicate requirements of Specialty tenants to the Marketing and Tenant Coordination team; oversee the allocation of resources to licensees and meet the requirements as per the Contract, with the overall objective of ensuring that there is no direct conflict of trade with an existing permanent tenants; as well as resolving any disputes arising thereof.


Retail Standards:

Work closely with the Specialty Leasing Team in monitoring the standards of presentation by Specialty/ Casual Licensees with respect to displays, fixtures and fittings, sightlines and access to kiosks, as well as regulate merchandising standards in conformance with the visual presentation standards of the mall and the other Common Areas, by carrying out regular inspection



Responsible for effective administration of the Specialty Leasing business, such as allotment of space, fees, duration of lease; as well as administration of all License Agreements, correspondence, records, terms and conditions, and collection of monies due to the company with the objective of ensuring governance of such arrangements in a uniform and standards manner, as per Company policy and procedures and in consultation with relevant departments.


Financial :

Report on a monthly basis, actual vs budget and quarterly forecast income. Keep close monitor on all debtors and collection thereof.


Management Reporting :  

Generate routine and ad hoc reports detailing the financial elements of the Specialty Leasing function, including income, expenses and budget comparisons with the objective of provide relevant information for the purpose of decision making on long term and short term strategies.



Responsible for identifying and procuring the necessary equipment to support Specialty Leasing activities in conjunction with the Development and Tenant Coordination Departments.


Audit Compliance :

Compliance with procedures to ensure that the team work within parameters set and agreed and in compliance with procedure, audit requirements and DOA.


Specialty Leasing in other regions :

Responsible to oversee Specialty Leasing in other regions to leverage relationships and increase income over all malls. Ensure standards across all regions are upheld and SOPs standardised.


Job Context:

The role will entail to maximize incremental income for Festival Centre and contribute in the achievement of business target through implementation of a competitive and innovative Specialty Leasing Programme directed at marketing, promoting and leasing of common mall to external organisations/ associations/ agencies and specialty leasing operators.

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