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Sr Systems Engineer - Network & Security

  • Dubai
  • ManpowerGroup Middle East
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-29

Job Title: Sr Systems Engineer - Network & Security

Job In Dubai

Company: ManpowerGroup Middle East

Start Date: 2024-01-29

End Date: 2024-03-29

Job Description

  • Accountability AreaProject, configure, implement, and maintain all security platforms and any other related software, such as anti-virus, routers, Anti-SPAM, switches, firewalls, cryptography systems, SIEM, and etc.
  • Plan and appraise ongoing assessment of antivirus, application control, firewall, SIEM, VPN, SSL, intrusion detection or intrusion prevention and other network component policies
  • Guarantee network security best practices are executed through auditing: router, change control, switch, firewall configurations, and monitoring
  • Responsible for periodic vulnerability testing, and lead remediation projects
  • Articulate systems and methodologies as well as reply to security-related events and support in remediation efforts
  • Coordinate and oversee log analysis for company managed services offerings to ensure customer policy and security requirements are met
  • Maintain network security devices to enable pro-active defense of networks within a managed service SOC environment, providing protective monitoring to multiple commercial customers
  • Maintain security devices and show practical experience in managing firewalls, content filters, proxy servers, and packet capture devices
  • Work in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders to ensure customers have devices that are fully operational and secure
  • Act under authorization from engineering to maintain the configuration and have a comprehensive understanding and technical know-how in server administration, including GPO deployment, patching, and network device configuration, and hardware management (including cable management)
  • Work under strict change control processes to ensure only authorized changes are made to devices
  • Collaborate with sales, product management, engineering, and other departments on security-related items and any other duties as assigned by the firm.

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