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Customer Services Supervisor

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-17

Job Title: Customer Services Supervisor

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2024-01-17

End Date: 2024-03-17

Job Description

Customer Services Supervisor I Real Estate I Asset Management

Overview of the role: 

Responsible for planning and managing a professional and high quality customer service operation in line with the retail standards set for the mall.


What you will do: 

Responsible for: 

Customer Service:

Manage the gift card program.

Site Knowledge:

Responsible for developing an in depth understanding of the retail center, including the design and the layout, as well the principals of customer flow within the mall; so as to effectively plan the manning of customer service desks with adequate staff coverage during mall trading hours

Customer Service Focus:

Responsible for achieving high standards of customer service by ensuring that we enhance the customer experience and the staff are trained to handle customers of diverse nationalities and varying levels of expectations; as well as have necessary support in terms of current and updated information related to all aspects of the mall operations and service policies, so as to meet and exceed service expectations  

Mall Collaterals:

Ensure that the customer service desks are adequately stocked with mall collaterals such as current and updated mall e-directory, information related to on-going offers and promotions, tourist information, services available etc. with the objective of meeting customer expectations related to service or information required and capitalizing on all opportunities to generate sales through the information provided


Plan the duty rosters for the staff responsible for handling customer service desks, with the objective of ensuring adequate coverage, particularly to meet peak time trading requirements,

Manage the Customer service team and department

Resolution and Handling of Complaints:

 Ensure that the customer service assistants are aware of the degree of authority to resolve customer complaints and problems, as well as proactively resolve any issue referred as a result of escalation within the level of authority delegated, so as to effectively handle and respond to customer whilst at the same time minimize any loss to the company financially or in terms of goodwill.


Collate information and prepare routine as well as ad hoc reports, as may be required by the management to have the necessary information to make short term and long terms business decisions. Proper administrative management of all budget/sales across the CS department.

Management Support:

Provide support to the Inter-departments at DFCM so as to provide management front line data to understand public opinion, gauge visitor experience or make business and marketing decisions.


Emergency Aid:

Provide basic level first aid services and emergency assistance to the customer.

Fire Warden: comply by attending all fire drills provided by security to keep self-updated on the necessary emergency procedures required during emergencies.


Job Context:

The role is required to provide high level of customer service experience services in a professional and efficient manner from a supervisory level which will reflect the company's reputation in the shopping centre industry. Serve as a senior point of contact for DFCM for responding and assisting all customer queries, official queries in a friendly and efficient manner. The role will be responsible to also support the mall duty manager especially outside of mall trading hours when senior management isn’t on the premises.

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