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Senior Manager Trade Cycle Management & Customer Loyalty

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-14

Job Title: Senior Manager Trade Cycle Management & Customer Loyalty

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2024-01-14

End Date: 2024-03-14

Job Description

Senior Manager Trade Cycle Management & Customer Loyalty | Automotive

Overview of the role:

Trade-cycle management (TCM) and Customer Loyalty is an integral part of Al Futtaim Finance’s (AFF) transformation to an automotive captive finance company. The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty for understanding the customer journey and actively managing the customer’s trade cycle, analysing the consumer patterns, determining opportunities to increase customer retention, and co-designing and implementing the initial concept. The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty is also responsible to understand AFF’s position in the market and actively manage the bank partnerships to ensure we are maximising all potential captive financing opportunities whilst governing the SLA’s agreed in the partnership, reviewing and consulting the business to increase overall performance of all products and services offered in the partnership. 

The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty will need to consult with the sales & market, operations, finance and the wider Al Futtaim Group/Brands to ensure the captive products are market leading and supporting the overall objective to sell more vehicles and retain more customers. 

The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty is a key player when it comes to providing training alongside other TCM experts embedded in the business. AFF will create a coaching culture driven by the Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty Manager’s guidance to the Account Relationship Managers, F&I Managers, B2B KAMs and the automotive frontline sales teams.

The growing captive finance business demands a pro-active portfolio management tool to identify equity, parity position, and to create retention leads. The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty will lead these initiatives from 

a lead management and system perspective.

The Senior Manager – TCM & Customer Loyalty will lead the establishment of a business development center in close co-operation with other Al Futtaim Brands and customer service functions to ensure that all leads are managed irrespectively of their maturity.


What you will do:

•  Design initial TCM approach with L&D and external trade cycle management training company •  Lead TCM subproject within Captive Finance project 

•  Ensure all Toyota, Honda, CJD, Volvo, Automall, Used Vehicles and AFF sales staff participate in accreditation process

•  Develop reporting tools and templates to track TCM and repurchase rates accurately across AFF portfolio

•  Develop and implement a customer loyalty strategy across the AFF business

•  Implement system(s), processes, and collateral to delivery increased customer centricity 

•  Work closely with OEM Brand partners to deliver an aligned customer approach 

•  Co-create supporting tools and collateral for sales process and in-dealership communication 

•  Create Loyalty programs and bespoke loyalty offers 

•  Utilise portfolio data to drive repurchase strategies

•  Establish portfolio analysis tools 

•  Create equity and parity leads

•  Establish early renewal process

•  Develop the customer experience strategy from an AFF perspective and champion the processes and teams to support that customer journey 

•  Accountable for defining and driving change for in-life customer value by delivering solutions that meet customer needs and objectives

•  Manage systems, processes, and policies to ensure separation of the brand identities when interacting with customers

•  Create AFF BDC concept to capture all outbound in-life and inbound customer enquiries across the business

•  Develop and implement systems, processes, and scripting for BDC consultants

•  Establish effective lead management concepts

•  Utilize Al Futtaim customer journey framework to create additional value for the customer and Al Futtaim

•  Optimise customer self-service tools to deliver workforce planning objectives

•  Ensuring the AFF and the wider business is aware of updates, changes

•  Supporting the Sales and operations teams to integrate the partnership processes within AFF processes

•  Regular communication within AFF on all partnership elements

•  Lead the internal TCM training group together with Learning & Development

•  Provide training and on-site coaching 

•  Document and benchmark best practices within Al-Futtaim, UAE and international markets 

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