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Product Manager

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-12

Job Title: Product Manager

Job In Dubai

Company: Future Pipe Industries

Start Date: 2024-01-12

End Date: 2024-03-12

Job Description

Reports to:       Senior Product Manager Category:         FTE Unit / Division / Department / Section: Product Engineering Division (PED) Location: Dubai



Own, lead and direct the Raw Materials Assessment, Manufacturing, Process definition, Design, Qualification, Documentation, Technology Transfer and Application of the Wavistrong product(s) line(s). Lead, initiate, manage and execute Product Development projects falling under the Wavistrong product(s) line(s).



Product Know-How

  • Lead, manage and direct the generation, implementation, and use of a set of internal and external documents covering product design, manufacturing process, raw material selection, qualification, quality assurance and applications of the Wavistrong product line(s)

Teamwork & Employee Excellence

  • Motivate and lead a high-performance team by attracting, recruiting, and retaining required team members.
  • Enhance work environment to promote and drive employee engagement and team effectiveness.
  • Conduct annual performance appraisals and provide staff feedback regarding strengths, areas for improvements and development opportunities.
  • Establish KPI's for individual units and ensure that they are aligned with FPI's mission and vision.
  • Identify key positions and ensure succession plans are in place for target staff.


Technical Support

  • Provide (when needed) component design services or expert advice for non-standard pipe components.
  • Advise / assist the operating units / Technical & Sales Support unit with their technical queries, and keep the technical team informed on latest techniques and procedures.
  • Support further growth in established markets and penetration into new markets by ensuring compliance with procedural, technical, client specification, policies, and legislative requirements.
  • Increase the sales and profitability of the assigned product range by effective communication of reports and procedures, and by working with the manufacturing units to minimise the rejection rates during mass production.
  • Provide upon request by the Technical & Sales Support unit any calculations / supporting documents showing the design integrity of the product(s)
  • Attend meetings with clients, consultants or contractors upon request by the sales / TSS or operating units.
  • Supply expert advice to, and generate a vision for, Component Design, Application Engineering and Marketing with regards to technical feasibility and design of piping components.
  • Provide advice for corrective actions for failures of installed pipe systems, or for failures during qualification testing.


Product Qualification

  • Define, initiate, coordinate and compile all the required tests for the Product Qualification meeting both the internal and market / international standards.

Product Development Projects

  • Define product development projects to expand and / or enhance the product range.
  • Lead, plan, supervise and be responsible for their timely execution within budget and agreed time frame.


Technology Transfer

  • Provide a
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