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Performance Data Scientist

  • Dubai
  • Al Futtaim Group
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-02-29

Job Title: Performance Data Scientist

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2023-12-31

End Date: 2024-02-29

Job Description

Performance Data Scientist | Al Futtaim Automotive | Operations Performance & Planning

Overview of the role:

This role reports to the GM Operational Performance within the Operational Performance team. This team sits within the wider Business Operations function of Al Futtaim Automotive. 

The role holder will play a vital role in translating the vast quantities of data held within our automotive businesses and translating this into visualisations and usable formats that drive decision making, action and over time predictability and automation in what we do. The role will pioneer our data future and work with a cutting edge team of likeminded individuals to set the direction of our business intelligence for years to come.

What you will do:

Data Visualisation

  • Establish set framework for data visualization across operations, ensuring all data visualization requests and activity is validated, backlogged and monitored for duplication and inconsistencies
  • Work with business stakeholders to clearly define business requirements before building any dashboards/visualization, ensuring clear, documented requirements are captured, prioritized into a delivery backlog and assessed against the value potential and duplication risk with existing/planned wider dashboards
  • Create a central PowerBI dataset and visualized dashboards to control, monitor and act upon critical KPIs across automotive operations, working hand in hand with the Managing Directors and GM Operational Performance & Planning to ensure the right metrics for scorecards across the business
  • Establish calculation mechanisms for league tabling and dealer to dealer performance comparisons across key operational metrics
  • Rationalise the existing landscape of XLS reports, dashboards and ad hoc analysis to transform the business into a culture (and capability) of data quality, consistency and automation
  • Put in place control measures for data manipulation, ensuring the right level of customization potential and usability from data visualization without negatively impacting data quality standards and consistency.
  • Build dashboards and data visualization packages/reports in line with business requirements
  • Create, test and deploy PowerBI scripts
  • Execute deep analysis and modelling of datasets to uncover new intelligence, utilizing AI and ML where suitable to improve the effectiveness of our operations
  • Build a data visualization portfolio that allows the business to run truly bottom up, predictive forecasting, taking historic data, market trends and 3rd party feeds to inform future planning and ordering
  • Lead the implementation of best practices in relation to data visualization
  • Maintain the security posture for systems and applications in accordance with IT standards, Data Architect directives and industry standards
  • Own, design and communicate across business owner, developer, architect and database teams (including vendor mgmt. as required)
  • Deliver rapid prototypes to bring data visualization to life early and enable the refinement of requirements quickly and efficiently with the business
  • QA all APIs, connection feeds and underlying data pipeline feeds by routinely analysing and questioning our data (always on data cleansing).


Linking Data with Action

  • Develop and deploy API connections (in conjunction with our IT function and Data Architects) to integrate data visualization tools with action tracking tools in order to enable our business to move away from a reliance on XLS and PPT and move towards a culture and capability of running our meetings, activities and decision making directly off live (or near live depending on the data pipeline) intelligence visualization
  • Establish alert systems (by role and dashboard) to trigger action under the guidance of the Performance Growth Manager’s business requirements for branch/dealer level performance zones.

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