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  • Posted date: 2 months before
  • End date: 2024-02-23

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Job Title: counseling psychologist

Job In Dubai

Company: Alert International

Start Date: 2023-12-25

End Date: 2024-02-23

Job Description

Our client is a dubai-based mental health and wellness clinic providing high quality outpatient services to children, adults couples and families. They are the leading mental health clinic in the UAE by virtue of their vision, mission, size and the breadth and depth of their team's clinical expertise. The clinic works with corporations, schools, hospitals, the government, and other organizations to promote mental health and wellbeing through a broad range of seminars and workshops.

what we offer

We are a community mental health and wellness center providing quality psychological and psychiatric care to children, adults, couples and families. We also work with corporations, schools, hospitals, and other institutions to promote mental wellness through our educational and training programs.


In a typical week, a Psychologist’s time is split between clinical work, client-related admin, individual professional development including supervision, team professional development and community service - in the form of writing articles, preparing and giving seminars, running support groups, etc.

Your main priorities will be:

  • Schedule patient consultations to help build patient relationships;
  • Assessing patients and identifying their problems;
  •  Engaging in discussion with patients and making them feel comfortable;
  • Implementing individualized treatment programs;
  • Undertaking psychometric testing;
  • Evaluating patient responses to treatment over time;
  • Organizing a long-term counseling plan that involves multiple visits.
  • Offering services to all age groups;
  • Offering both one-on-one and group counseling;
  •  Keeping a detailed account of patient mental health history and manage confidential files;
  • Being patient and building relationships based on trust.


  • Competitive compensation with unlimited growth potential;
  • Ongoing professional development and world-class supervision from experts in the field of eating disorders;
  • Employment visa;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Malpractice insurance;
  • Soft landing package with 1-month free accommodation;
  •  Licensing support  and fee reimbursement up to 20K AED;
  • Professional development budget of $1,500 to each Psychologist per year;
  • Dedicated, furnished office space for each clinician;
  • All required equipment and supplies like iPads, business cards, stationery, and more.

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