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Director Project Marketing

  • Dubai
  • Al Futtaim Group
  • Posted date: 6 months before
  • End date: 2024-02-22

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Job Title: Director Project Marketing

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2023-12-24

End Date: 2024-02-22

Job Description

Director Project Marketing | Real Estate | Development

Overview of the role

Elevate your career in real estate marketing by joining our team as the Real Estate Development Marketing Director! In this pivotal role, you will spearhead the development and execution of innovative marketing strategies for our diverse portfolio of real estate projects, with a primary focus on residential developments. Collaborating closely with the dynamic development team, sales and leasing experts, and cross-functional partners. You'll have the exciting opportunity to shape and implement impactful marketing campaigns that drive leasing and sales, enhance brand awareness, and elevate corporate recognition.

What you will do



  • Develop and oversee the marketing plan & strategy for each project, including budget, timeline, objectives, and tactics.
  • Coordinate and manage the production and distribution of all marketing materialsin both online & offline channels.
  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify the target market, customer preferences, competitive landscape, and market trends.
  • Collaborate with the leasing & sales team to support in co-creating leasing strategies, incentives & promotions.
  • Manage and supervise the development marketing team, including hiring, training, mentoring, and evaluating performance.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, such as media, influencers, community groups, industry associations, and vendors.
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and campaigns, using data and analytics tools.
  • Report on the marketing performance and progress of each project to the senior management and the development team.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards.
  • Ensure corporate brand compliance by coordinating closely with corporate brand guardianship.

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