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Assistant General Manager - Reporting & Control

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2023-12-25

Job Title: Assistant General Manager - Reporting & Control

Job In Dubai

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2023-10-26

End Date: 2023-12-25

Job Description

Assistant General Manager - Reporting & Control | Group Finance | Corporate Services

Overview of the role

To play pivotal role in preparation and presentation of accurate and timely audited financial statements, review impairment assessments, ensure compliance with IFRS and corporate Income tax reporting, pre and post-acquisition related work on PPA, accounting and reporting integration and oversee the audit of individual financial statements.


What you will do

Financial reporting and audit:

  • Conduct financial analysis of group results (statutory and tax), identifying trends, variances, and opportunities for improvement in reporting.
  • Coordinate the external audit process, working closely with auditors to provide required information and resolve audit findings promptly.
  • Create templates and processes to identify and resolve data in consistencies and anomalies at individual/consolidated financial statement.
  • Continuously assess and improve group reporting and control processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Work with IT, FSSC and Division Controlling for data validation checks and templates to ensure data integrity throughout the consolidation process, flagging inconsistencies for review.
  • Work closely with FSSC, divisional control and oversee the accounting and reporting for statutory financial statements and audit.
  • Work with P&C on new/changes to IFRS and disclosure requirements and develop accounting examples, guidance notes, policies, process flows and SOP’s to test and implement requirements.
  • Conduct analysis of the consolidation accounting processes to identify areas suitable for automation and improvement.
  • Generate reports and dashboards to provide insights into the consolidated financial results.
  • Maintain documentation of automation processes, including workflows, configurations, for audit and reference purposes.
  • Provide training and support for adoption of automation processes.
  • Quarterly consolidation of Group results and reporting
  • Work with FSSC, Divisional Controlling and Group tax to ensure completeness of documentation of consolidation adjustments for tax purposes.

Impairment Assessments

  • Work with divisions to conduct regular assessments of the Group’s assets, including tangible assets like property, plant, and equipment, as well as intangible assets such as goodwill, brands, distribution rights, patents, and trademarks.
  • Review and challenge key assumptions used in impairment assessments, ensuring they are reasonable and supported by evidence.
  • Review submissions with divisions, summarise group level impact, ensure consistency and compliance with Group policies and IFRS requirements.
  • Prepare detailed documentation of the impairment assessment process, including assumptions made, valuation methodologies employed, and conclusions reached.
  • Work with division to identify potential impairment risks and report.
  • Work closely with corporate finance on WACC rates, circulation with divisions, clearance with auditors and ensuring compliance with group requirements.

Business acquisition support, integration and consolidation

  • Support on the accounting and financial reporting of business acquisitions, due diligence, purchase price allocation, and fair value assessments.
  • Ensure accurate and timely recognition of acquired assets, liabilities, goodwill and other intangible assets.
  • Oversee the consolidation of financial statements for multiple entities within the organization, ensuring compliance with IFRS 3 Business Combination.
  • Provide support and expertise during the integration of newly acquired businesses into the organization.
  • Collaborate with division and cross-functional teams to address financial integration challenges.

Individual Financial Statements audit and reporting

  • Track, review, report on the progress of individual financial statement audit.
  • Prepare template masters for financial statement automation project.
  • Work with FSSC and Divisional controlling to resolve audit queries, quality of documents submitted for FS sign-off and timely completion of annual audit.

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