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Snr Interior Design Project Manager

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  • Michael Page
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2023-12-12

Job Title: Snr Interior Design Project Manager

Job In UAE

Company: Michael Page

Start Date: 2023-10-13

End Date: 2023-12-12

Job Description

Responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of interior design projects from conception to completion This role requires strong leadership, project management skills, and expertise in interior design principles and practices. The Senior Interior Project Manager collaborates with clients, design teams, contractors, and vendors to ensure successful execution of projects within established timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

Client Details

Our client is a luxury real estate developer that builds high end hotels & Resorts, residential mixed use projects and high end commercial buildings


1. Manage all Interior Design projects and initiatives of the company.
2. Develop comprehensible projects plans, including scope, budget, timeline and resource allocation
3. Work with the project team in preparation and agreement of Project Execution Plan and Project Cost Plan, implementing strategies that minimize potential delays and not compromising safety or quality standards
4. Ensure proper selection of suppliers and subcontractors who are capable of executing work efficiently within budget and time.
5. Ensure proper company resources are in place and are able to execute works with high productivity and within budget and time
6. Responsible for ensuring that all requirements for the projects and initiatives are made available timely.
7. Collaborate and build strong relationships with vendors and business partners to develop the right tools and systems needed to support the operation and projects.
8. Purchase materials, plan inventory

9. Prepare roposals for RFP, that include fees, phase durations, project descriptions , design brief and consultant responsibilities.
10. Monitor and manage the performance and compliance of the consultants / contractors, according to the scope of services and contractual obligations and standards.
11. Attend all progress meetings and make decisions within his authority.
12. Understand completely all design documentation, drawings, specifications, contract terms and conditions, and any special requirements, including programme milestones.
13. Monitor and report on the progress of the work, as well as the performance of the supervising consultant and key contracting staff.
14. Update the control monitoring tools on weekly basis and issue the related notices to the Consultant highlighting the issues of concerns and potential risk
15. Close monitoring the site activities at site and prepare daily progress record
16. Assess the reported progress against the program of works
17. Prepare the monthly report for management review
18. Check and ensure the completeness of any progress payment claims by any consultant and contractor.
19. Monitor all contract variations, related submittals and maintain an up-to-date register, and copy of all drawings and site instructions.
20. Recommend or take action on all submittals, variation requests and site instructions, and make suitable amendments to ensure budgets are maintained.
21. Oversee the overall safety and quality of the construction works in accordance to the project standard
22. Ensure prompt presentation of material submittals by consultant and contractors make approval recommendations to the Management
23. Review / comment on consultant / contractors' reports and ensure timely completion for management reporting.
24. Follow-up with concerned authorities, consultants and contractors, to ensure that all NOCs and permit approvals are obtained for the smooth execution of the works, and to avoid delays to the programme
25. Coordinate with respective departments, who affect the progress of the project, including infrastructure, to ensure the timely connection of all utility services.
26. Monitor and control snagging lists, prepared by consultants at Taking Over,
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