Health Program Coordinator - Türkiye (Ref: Health Program Coordinator - Türkiye)

  • Gaziantep
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-07-07

Job Title: Health Program Coordinator - Türkiye (Ref: Health Program Coordinator - Türkiye)

Job In Gaziantep


Start Date: 2024-06-07

End Date: 2024-07-07

Job Description


  • INTERVENTION SECTOR(S):          Physical Health and MHPSS
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE:              on a rolling bases until filled
  • CONTRACT TYPE: Full Time
  • PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:             1 year, renewable based on

performance and funding

  • SALARY: competitive
  • EDUCATION DEGREE:                   Medicine, Nursing
  • EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:        1 to 3 years



İstanbul Nar Tanesi is a registered organization in Istanbul, Turkey, dedicated to promoting sustainable development and human rights. We support women, youth, and children by advocating for their rights and providing safe spaces. Our efforts include combating poverty, protecting environmental rights, and contributing to climate change mitigation. We offer disaster and crisis management, and educational opportunities. Our activities involve research, surveys, reports, volunteerism, and social service. Additionally, İstanbul Nar Tanesi provides life-changing medical care and reconstructive surgery for children (0-18 years) injured by disasters or unsafe conditions who cannot access or afford treatment. We support ongoing cases with medication, medical equipment, diagnostic testing, transportation, and accommodation. We also offer speech therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and mental health services through our in-house program, ensuring comprehensive care for children's well-being.




The Opportunity

Nar Tanesi is looking for qualified and dedicated individuals to help manage its Turkey programs, including medical and mental healthcare for children impacted by Natural or Human Induced disasters. This individual is responsible for overseeing and managing the implementation of physical health and MHPSS programs while also taking an active role in developing new projects, fostering connections with the donor community, and supporting fundraising efforts for INARA.


The Health Program Coordinator is responsible for  Case management and mental health team. He/she will lead and influence casework practice across a team of case management officers which directly supports injured and wounded refugee children through effective case management allocation, team and individual casework supervision, and collaborative work with other organizations in Turkey. He/she will additionally work to build up our post-quake program, as Nar Tanesi is here to stay and serve the population.


  1. Program Management: The Program Coordinator is responsible for the overall management and coordination of physical health and MHPSS programs. This involves designing, planning, and implementing interventions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by the target beneficiaries. Including but not limited to
  1. Manage and coordinate a team of Case Management Officers through effective group supervision, leadership, and individual casework coaching to deliver accountable and collaborative casework
  2. Ensure that project cycle management is carefully applied (needs assessment, planning, resources allocation, beneficiary selection, monitoring, and reporting)
  3. Participate in country strategic reviews, linking with the project itself and any potential future program developments (including fundraising) of similar nature
  4. Ensure holistic oversight and management of the casework cycle from case initiation to case closure by providing sufficient guidance and technical support to the case team and undertaking casework for complex cases when necessary
  5. Advocate for the best interest of children with other members of the interdisciplinary team and within the healthcare institution to ensure children’s and families’ informed decision-making, consent, concordance with plans of care, and quality of life
  6. Plan and set field operations schedule, resource allocation, and services offered
  7. ensure that the relevant field teams have good administration skills
  8. ensure that the relevant field teams meet high-quality standards by following the performance-based indicator approach
  9. Conduct needs assessments, participatory assessments, and surveys when needed.
  10. Conduct regular visits to the field to oversee the ongoing activities
  11. Facilitate case referrals to/from partner organizations and agencies, and assist families in understanding related policies, eligibility criteria, and financial/legal issues
  12. Ensure the implementation of common ethical and legal standards in social work in healthcare settings, and identify and build on protective and risk factors
  13. Identify child protection and SGBV concerns and ensure that Child Protection principles are followed throughout all steps of casework
  14. Coordinate palliative care, including pain and symptom management, with medical staff
  15. Address family systems issues, including the impact of healthcare concerns, illness, and disease on family relationships, life cycles, and caregiving roles and support models.
  16.  Guide staff on all issues related to program implementation;
  17. overseeing the RRP in the absence of the country manager
  18. ensuring close coordination between case workers, field officers, distribution assistants, and the MHPSS team or health team
  19. working with the operations and liaison coordinator to verify that the activities are in line with the country's governmental plans and the emergency response plan


  1. New Project Development: The Program Coordinator plays a vital role in identifying gaps in services and emerging needs in the communities served by Nar Tanesi. They are expected to conceptualize and develop new projects that align with the organization's mission and strategic objectives.


  1. Donor Engagement: Building and maintaining strong relationships with the donor community is essential for securing financial support for the organization's initiatives. The Program Coordinator will actively engage with potential and existing donors, presenting project proposals and demonstrating the impact of Nar Tanesi's work.


  1. Fundraising Support: Alongside the fundraising coordinator, the Program Coordinator will contribute to fundraising efforts, which may include organizing events, creating campaigns, and seeking grant opportunities to ensure adequate resources for program implementation.


  1. Collaboration and Networking: The role requires the Program Coordinator to collaborate with other humanitarian actors, local partners, government agencies, and NGOs to leverage resources, share best practices, and enhance the impact of Nar Tanesi's programs.


  1. Monitoring and Evaluation: Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of programs is vital. The Program Coordinator will oversee data collection, monitoring, and evaluation processes to assess program outcomes and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement


  1. Capacity Building: The Program Coordinator may be involved in providing training and support to the program staff and partners, enhancing their skills and knowledge related to physical health and MHPSS interventions.


  1. Staff management
  1. Line manage, coach, and supervise all assigned Program staff
  2. ensure efficient and effective work schedule is in place for the team in the field according to the agreed work plan
  3. Monitor the team’s performance according to their assigned tasks and provide regular feedback to the country manager
  4. perform an evaluation of staff performance
  5. assess the needs of the field teams and ensure appropriate training is conducted


  1. Reporting
  1. Reports to the Country Manager regularly through weekly catch ups
    Requests approval for all payments from the Country Director.


  1. Behavioral Health
  1. Provide intervention plans and/or referrals for cases related to grief, loss, and bereavement; depression, anxiety, substance use, and other mental health conditions; sexual health and concerns related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and roles. This should be considered according to the child’s stage of development.
  2. Provide counseling and behavioral change evidence-based intervention.
  3. Provide support to the mental health program team and ensure coordination between both programs.


  1. Working environment
  1. Located in Gaziantep, Turkey, the working environment will be a combination of both field and office-based work
    There may be times when the position holder is required to work on the weekends or evenings and undertake other duties broadly in line with the above.


  1. Requirements
  1. A bachelor’s degree in social science or any relevant degree (medicine, pharmacy, nursing)
  2. At least 3 years of experience in health projects and case management.
  3. Proficiency in Arabic or Turkish and English is required.
  4. Excellent oral and written communication and reporting skills.
  5. Competence in Microsoft Office and data collection tools.
  6. Decision-making skills for acting on policies and strategies.




Please send your updated CV and a cover letter in English detailing how you meet the responsibilities and requirements to, with “Health Program Coordinator - Türkiye” as the subject line. CV-only applications will not be considered; submitting a cover letter is required. And only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Please note that Nar Tanesi does not cover any relocation costs for this position.



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