UNV Protection Assistant for UNHCR Country Office (Ref: UNV Protection Assistant for UNHCR Country Office)

  • Ankara
  • UNV
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-02-15

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Job Title: UNV Protection Assistant for UNHCR Country Office (Ref: UNV Protection Assistant for UNHCR Country Office)

Job In Ankara

Company: UNV

Start Date: 2024-02-02

End Date: 2024-02-15

Job Description

To create a profile in UNV Global Talent Pool, review the details, and apply for the open call: https://app.unv.org

This National UN Volunteer (Specialist) assignment is a local post for Nationals of Turkiye and applicants with a valid work permit; who are more than 27 years old and have minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant field.

Required education level and experience:

- Bachelor degree or equivalent in Law, Political Science, International Relations or any other relevant field.

- 3 years of experience in /at the national and/or international level, working in the UN or other international development organizations is an asset.
- Demonstrated familiarity with and knowledge of the basics of refugee law and interna-tional human rights law is desirable.
- Legal Knowledge and the ability to apply legal principles is desirable.

Mission and objectives

The international obligations of Turkiye and its national legislative framework on asylum have shaped the form of the current collaboration with UNHCR. During the last 54 years, UNHCR and Turkiye have been working together in close partnership. Turkiye has provided the asylum space for persons seeking refuge, and UNHCR has assisted Turkiye to determine who is in need of international protection and to enable access to rights by these persons, including access to justice. As the main partner of the Turkish State in the field of international protection, UNHCR Turkiye continues to cooperate with the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM), the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (UTBA), the Justice Academy of Turkey (JAT) and other national institutions to enhance institutional capacity-development in the field of refugee protection. UNHCR in Turkiye also intervenes to strengthen access to justice by persons of concern through conducting technical assistance and capacity development activities for legal actors, in a way to include lawyers, judges, prosecutors, interns, I/NGOs, national and local authorities. Access to justice is consisted of enabling access to various rights, such as, inter alia, legal aid, legal assistance, interpretation, and access to courts.

Task description:

Under the direct supervision of the Associate Protection Officer and general oversight of the Senior Protection Officer, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

- Consistently apply International and National Law and applicable UN/UNHCR and the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) policy, standards, and codes of conduct
- Support the Unit in the implementation of the activities aiming to reinforce the national asylum procedures within and outside of the scope of the RNF-II Project
- Co-facilitating capacity development activities
- Support preparation of materials, engage in reporting
- Support quality assurance activities: Conducting initial desk review of interviews and decisions delivered by Presidency of Migration Management and conducting initial drafts of relevant reporting.
- Assist in drafting the analysis and reports on national RSD procedures
- Undertake missions and on-the-job visits and support relevant reporting
- Conduct research (on country of origin and legal issues), manage and improve the country-of-origin materials database, report on general trends in the relevant countries of origin, and reply to queries on specific legal and protection issues while referring to the supervisor or seeking for advice on more complex issues.
- Support the Unit in drafting analysis papers to identify good practices and gaps in the national RSD procedures based on the information received from the Counselling Line
- Observe and respect relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
- Participate in trainings, workshops, and meetings and support the unit in notetaking and reporting
- Translate materials and proofread the translated materials, when necessary
- Any other related tasks as may be required or assigned by the supervisor

Required Languages: Turkish, Level: Mother tongue and English, Level: Fluent


The UN Volunteer will be based in Ankara. Expected start date is 1 March 2024. 

  • Volunteer Living Allowance (per month): USD 1224, disbursing in Turkish Lira
  • Entry lump sum (one-time payment): USD 400
  • Exit allowance: USD 100 per contract service month (when successful completion of the assignment)
  • Medical, life and disability insurance: Cigna Private Insurance (including eligible dependents)
  • Annual leave: 2.5 days accrued per calendar month
  • Uncertified sick leave: 7 days for 12 months and 4 days for shorter assignments
  • Free access to different learning platforms

For more information on UN Volunteer allowances and support, please visit: https://explore.unv.org/sites/default/files/2022-12/UNVcos20221%20Complete%20hi-res-final_compressed_NOV22.pdf

It is essential to keep in mind that registration in the UNV Global Talent Pool does not guarantee a volunteer assignment. Being selected for a volunteer assignment is a highly competitive process. Our United Nations System partners establish requests for volunteers based on specific needs and requirements. These volunteer opportunities receive enormous interest, and it is simply not possible for all qualified and experienced candidates registered in our talent pool to become UN Volunteers. Here are some points to keep in mind: To avoid the disappointment of applying and not getting contacted, always carefully read the Description of Assignment (DoA) before you apply to determine if you are fully eligible and if your profile fully matches the assignment requirements. Keep your UNV profile always up to date and complete. It's important to note that UNV assignments are not employments, but it is only volunteer assignment.

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