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Programme Policy Officer (Ref: Programme Policy Officer (M&E)SC8 Mersin VA053-2023)

  • Mersin
  • UN World Food Programme
  • Posted date: 8 months before
  • End date: 2023-12-04

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Job Title: Programme Policy Officer (Ref: Programme Policy Officer (M&E)SC8 Mersin VA053-2023)

Job In Mersin

Company: UN World Food Programme

Start Date: 2023-11-20

End Date: 2023-12-04

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, the incumbent will be responsible for: 

  1. Draft the sections related to monitoring, reviews and evaluations in the Field Office M&E Strategy aligning with corporate and CO Monitoring and Evaluation strategy, help assess progress of the strategy and revise it on a regular basis.
  2. Support the Head of M&E in ensuring that the FO monitoring system and tools are in place and compliant with standard operating procedures (SOPs), M&E Minimum Monitoring Requirements (MMR) guidance, and data protection and privacy policies.
  3. Coordinate with key programme units in the FO and CO to ensure a coherent approach to evidence generation and use.
  4. Integrate gender, equity, disability, protection, human rights and other inclusion aspects as appropriate in all M&E work.
  5. Manage and oversee output, process and outcome monitoring data, including distribution monitoring, activity implementation monitoring, Post-Distribution Monitoring, retail performance monitoring, surveys using questionnaires and question guides developed by the CO building on corporate tools.
  6. Ensure the FO adopt and use qualitative monitoring methodologies (i.e., Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussions)
  7. Lead data collection exercises, including survey design, sampling, monitoring plans and monitoring coverage, with regular travel to NWS activity sites for training and oversight missions.
  8. Ensure prioritization of monitoring activities across the CSP is based on levels of assessed risks and determine site coverage requirements as per the monthly monitoring plan, ensuring that all activity sites covered are monitored at least once a quarter (depending on CO capacity), with more frequent visits to priority sites as per the Risk-based Monitoring Framework.
  9. Conduct analysis and interpretation of the country monitoring data that responds to the Country Office and corporate information needs.
  10. Arrange regular meetings between M&E and programme to review monitoring and evaluation findings and discuss recommendations.
  11. Help build M&E capacity of WFP M&E staff, partners and government actors through provision of learning and development opportunities, on-the-job coaching and knowledge management.  
  12. Conduct regular data quality checks at different stages of the monitoring cycle, ensuring that monitoring data and reports are timely, complete and of high quality.
  13. Provide additional M&E support services as required. 
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