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  • Aldenham Prep school Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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  • End date: 2024-06-19

Job Title: Teacher

Job In Riyadh

Company: Aldenham Prep school Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Start Date: 2024-06-04

End Date: 2024-06-19

Job Description

This is a Class Teacher role which presents an outstanding opportunity to join a talented and

dedicated team, led by the experienced UK Head of the sister school in the UK who has come to Riyadh as Founding Head. Aldenham Prep aims to provide the best possible all-round education and excellent pastoral care for every child. Suitably qualified and experienced candidates may have the chance subsequently to undertake a leadership or management role.

Class Teachers have a responsibility for delivering the majority of the curriculum to their class, but will work closely with colleagues ensuring a collaborative approach to teaching and learning across the Year Group. The Children therefore receive the same opportunities, and all teachers feel supported by a strong team.

Arabic, Islamic, Music and PE are taught by specialist teachers to enhance the curriculum. Each class receives support from a dedicated Teaching Assistant.

Key Responsibilities and Expectations

School Values and Ethos

You will be expected to:

• actively promote the school's vision, aims and values through enthusiastic participation in all

areas of school life;

• share and support the school's commitment to provide an all-round, outstanding education

for all our children;

• always set high expectations, which inspire, motivate and challenge children;

• have the highest aspirations for all our children's development and achievements, both in and

out of the classroom;

• offer excellent pastoral care for all children;

• respect and support Saudi culture.

Teaching and Learning

You will be expected to:

• deliver our broad and balanced curriculum;

• deliver well-planned, engaging and creative lessons, ensuring that the needs of all children are met;

• facilitate and encourage high quality learning which provides children with the opportunity to

achieve their full potential;

• use technology to enhance teaching and support learning;

• differentiate appropriately, using approaches that enable every student to access all areas of

the curriculum and make excellent progress;

• demonstrate excellent subject knowledge relevant to the age group;

• set students challenging developmental goals and draw upon varied strategies, resources and

technologies in order to support students in achieving these goals;

• make effective use of Teaching Support Assistants to support children in class;

• follow the Aldenham procedures for assessing, recording and reporting on children's

achievements and to use this information effectively to influence future learning and convey

progress in report writing;

• provide students with regular written and oral feedback and encourage them to reflect and

respond to their feedback;

• participate fully in co-curricular and activity programmes.

Other Responsibilities

You will be expected to:

• follow and implement School Policies and procedures in and out of the classroom;

• provide a safe, purposeful and well-managed learning environment;

• value the home-school-community partnership, working closely with other members of staff

to establish and manage good relationships with parents and key stakeholders.

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