Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS)-Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Store Keeper

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  • Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS)-Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Posted date: 2 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-06-19

Job Title: Store Keeper

Job In Jeddah

Company: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS)-Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Start Date: 2024-06-04

End Date: 2024-06-19

Job Description

This job requires a detail-oriented and organized individual to fulfill the role of a Store Keeper. The Store Keeper will be responsible for managing inventory, ensuring the availability of stock, and maintaining accurate records of all goods. The ideal candidate should be able to handle a fast-paced work environment and have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.


  1. Receive, inspect, and store all incoming goods in an organized manner.
  2. Ensure that all goods are properly labeled and stored securely.
  3. Monitor inventory levels and initiate purchase orders when necessary.
  4. Coordinate with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods.
  5. Maintain accurate records of all stock movements, including receipts, issues, and returns.
  6. Conduct regular stock inspections to identify any discrepancies or shortages.
  7. Rotate stock and implement proper storage techniques to minimize spoilage and damage.
  8. Coordinate with other departments to fulfill their stock requests in a timely manner.
  9. Perform regular inventory audits to reconcile physical stock with records.
  10. Implement and maintain proper housekeeping and safety measures in the store.

Preferred Candidate:

  1. Prior experience as a Store Keeper or in a similar role.
  2. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  3. Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
  4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  5. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. Proficient in using inventory management software.
  7. Knowledge of proper storage and handling techniques for different types of goods.
  8. Ability to prioritize tasks and work under pressure.
  9. Physical stamina to lift and move heavy items.
  10. High school diploma or equivalent.
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