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Traffic Planner

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  • Modern Bus Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-06-19

Job Title: Traffic Planner

Job In Jeddah

Company: Modern Bus Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Start Date: 2024-06-04

End Date: 2024-06-19

Job Description

We are currently seeking a skilled Traffic Planner to join our team in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As a Traffic Planner, you will be responsible for developing and implementing effective traffic management strategies to optimize traffic flow and minimize congestion. You will work closely with various stakeholders including government agencies, transportation departments, and engineering teams to ensure efficient traffic operations. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of traffic engineering principles, excellent analytical skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


  1. Analyze traffic patterns, flow, and congestion to identify areas of improvement
  2. Develop and implement traffic management plans to optimize traffic flow
  3. Coordinate with government agencies and transportation departments to ensure compliance with traffic regulations and standards
  4. Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement traffic signal timings, signage, and road markings
  5. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of traffic management strategies and make adjustments as necessary
  6. Conduct traffic impact assessments for proposed developments and provide recommendations
  7. Prepare reports and presentations on traffic studies, findings, and recommendations
  8. Stay updated with the latest advancements in traffic management technology and best practices
  9. Collaborate with other departments to ensure coordinated planning and implementation of transportation projects
  10. Provide guidance and support to junior traffic planners and technicians

Preferred Candidate:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, or a related field
  2. Minimum of 3 years of experience in traffic planning or related field
  3. Strong knowledge of traffic engineering principles, methodologies, and standards
  4. Proficient in the use of traffic analysis software and tools
  5. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  7. Ability to work effectively in a team environment
  8. Attention to detail and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  9. Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  10. Knowledge of local traffic regulations and standards
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