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Administration Supervisor - QIPP

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  • Posted date: 6 days before
  • End date: 2024-05-28

Job Title: Administration Supervisor - QIPP

Job In Saudi Arabia

Company: NOMAC Saudi Arabia

Start Date: 2024-05-13

End Date: 2024-05-28

Job Description

Facilities and Office Management
▪ Coordinate efficient administrative support, maintenance and renovation of NOMAC's facilities and plants, in order to ensure the provision of safe and secure workplace environments for employees.

▪ Coordinate and ensure the provision of all office services covering stationery, office equipment, furniture and catering activities and supervise the activities of the office attendants to ensure efficient and quality services are provided.

Transportation Management
▪ Manage the provision of transportation services from/to the plants to all eligible employees, while decreasing routing time and optimizing fuel efficiency, to ensure adherence to employee schedules and management's budget.

Accommodation and Catering
▪ Ensure the provision of adequate and appropriate accommodation and catering services for eligible employees, in order to ensure safety and comfort of all employees.

▪ Oversee all catering matters relating to the provision of meals, food and snacks at various sites, offices and plants and approve menu plans for fortnight periods in consultation with Catering Contractor, to ensure the selection is nutritious and as per the expected standards.

▪ Perform regular hygiene checks in the restaurant kitchen to ensure standards are met and processes are followed and report in case of any incidents to the supervisor.

Office Leasing
▪ Conduct and manage all matters relating to office leasing, including coordinating with brokers, searching for the right space, negotiating with landlords, monitoring the maintenance etc., to ensure the office leasing is as per NOMAC's standards.

Water Supply
▪ Coordinate adequate supply of clean drinking water to all plants and offices, in order to ensure good health of the employees.

Tenders and Contractor Management
▪ Monitor attendance and performance of contracted personnel: cleaners, office boys and gardeners to ensure compliance to contract terms and conditions.

▪ Check all contractor invoices to ensure timely submission to finance for on-time payments.

Government relations
▪ Supervise the activities related to the processing of employees' visas, renewals, Iqamas, work permits, licenses and other government-related documentation for NOMAC in KSA / respective Country to ensure compliance with NOMAC's policies and local regulations.

Policies, Processes, Systems & Procedures
▪ Adhere to all relevant organisational and departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out to the required standard and in a consistent manner.

Continuous Improvement
▪ Contribute in the identification and implementation of change initiatives, programmes and projects in line with the organisation's standards.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment
▪ Adhere to all relevant health, safety, security and environmental procedures, instructions and controls so that the safety of employees and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.

Related Assignments
▪ Perform any other duties which the line manager may require to be carried out.

▪ create all PR's related to HR and administration tasks.

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