Confidential Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cashier كاشير

  • Riyadh
  • Confidential Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-05-20

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Job Title: Cashier كاشير

Job In Riyadh

Company: Confidential Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Start Date: 2024-05-05

End Date: 2024-05-20

Job Description

  • You will operate electronic cash registers and point-of-sale systems to process purchases, calculate totals, apply discounts, and issue receipts, ensuring that all transactions are recorded and balanced at the end of your shift.
  • Provide top-notch customer service by warmly greeting patrons, addressing inquiries, and assisting with product-related questions as a Cashier.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service by greeting customers with a friendly attitude, answering their queries, and helping them with information about products and promotions in your capacity as a Cashier.
  • Uphold company guidelines and security standards as a Cashier, involving the observance of security protocols to prevent theft and fraud, and safeguarding both customer and company assets.
  • As the Cashier, you'll be responsible for the smooth processing of customer transactions, requiring attention to detail in item scanning, pricing accuracy, and the proper handling of payments.
  • Your key role as a Cashier will involve processing customer transactions efficiently at the point of sale, encompassing tasks such as accurate item scanning, precise pricing, and meticulous payment handling.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service as a Cashier, including friendly greetings, informative responses to customer queries, and support in grasping product features, prices, and promotions.
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