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COE Well Engineer

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  • Weatherford - United Kingdom
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-26

Job Title: COE Well Engineer

Job In Khobar

Company: Weatherford - United Kingdom

Start Date: 2024-01-26

End Date: 2024-03-26

Job Description

As Well Engineer you will plan, model and recommend refined drilling and completion programs for projects. Interface with clients, sales and operations personnel. The job will cover all the aspects of well engineering as related to the drilling and completion of wells. He/she will also be responsible for recommendations and evaluations of existing data as well as end-of-well data and is the main responsible for the design and oversight of the operational development of her/his designs and proposals.


Regarded as fully qualified and standalone professional. Responsible for diverse assignments requiring general familiarity with a broad engineering, operational or management capability and/or knowledge.


Coordinate and perform internal process audits for KPI tracking.

Participating in pre-job planning meetings and ensuring that all job-required information received from Operation Well Engineer and line management to provide efficient support.

Responsible for creating and maintaining quality of drilling/completion operational dashboard and Centre Of Excellence reports.

Ensuring all target planned KPIs are incorporated into the drilling performance tracking system.  

Ensuring that real-time data is delivered to the team as per agreement during the pre-job planning phase and it is quantitatively and qualitatively accurate.

Once identify any kinds of deviations; consult immediately and propose suggestions to the Operations team.

Maintaining a professional and positive attitude during operational stress, complex and problematic jobs.

In case of time-sensitive situations, ensure the specific issues are timely addressed to the Subject Matter Experts in the operations team.

Optimization Services: During and Post job engage with Operations Team report / parameter plotting and optimization duties. Work with the Operations team in identifying and evaluating inefficiencies during operation and provide optimized solutions.

Participation during any kinds of field incident root cause analysis to support the Operations team.

Using relative work experience and knowledge of field operations to identify and overcome Centre Of Excellence (CoE) service quality and service delivery issues with ongoing operations.

Ensuring the latest and approved Global and local process, Escalation workflows Matrix, SOP, and relevant documentation are available in the Centre Of Excellence (CoE-RTOC). 

Keeping records of all communications and considering them as official company records. 

Responding to the operational and technical requests sent from the field. 

Ensure all lessons learned from each job are captured and shared with the ISP Operations & Global Team.

Responsible for generating Centre Of Excellence (CoE) daily /Weekly/ Monthly reports with Project KPI’s dashboards.

Review and notify the lookahead plans to the key stakeholders.

Interacts with both internal and external stakeholders for the Project with regards to Center of Excellence (CoE).

Interacts closely with Project Team and Lean Continuous Improvement to drive toward Operations

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