Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

طبيب اخصائي اول تخدير قلب/Senior Registrar Anesthesia Cardiology

  • Jeddah
  • Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-24

Job Title: طبيب اخصائي اول تخدير قلب/Senior Registrar Anesthesia Cardiology

Job In Jeddah

Company: Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

Start Date: 2024-01-24

End Date: 2024-03-24

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Abides by the Medical Staff Bylaws, Code of Medical Ethics, Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff and those specific to the department/division.
  • Provides the highest attainable standard of medical care for the patients for whom he/she is responsible.
  • Provide safe anesthesia practice according to the international and local standards and will progress and develop the cardiac anesthesia department.
  • Carries out full range of clinical duties as assigned by the Director/Head of Cardiac Anesthesia/Consultant in accordance with individually approved clinical privileges.
  • Participates in the on-call duties as required by the department/division.
  • Ensure timely and complete, appropriate patient documentation.
  • Provide accurate peri-operative anesthesia record of all patients for whom he is responsible
  • Make written instructions as to the post-operative anesthetic management of each patient.
  • Assists and conducts out-patient cardiac anesthesia clinic and follows departmental policies.
  • Assess the patients prior to anesthesia and surgery either in patients (admitted) or patient coming to the anesthesia clinic, and report to the consultants.
  • Write orders and prescribe medications without restrictions, but without doffing hospital rules
  • Perform diagnostic or therapeutic invasive procedures for which he/she is specific calmly privileged
  • Inform the relevant consultant to whom he is responsible in advance of any major cases.
  • Advise on when the patients can be safely returned from the recovery areas to the ward or in day cases, when the patient can leave the hospital.
  • Share actively in patient & family education in collaborative with all related other healthcare givers.
  • Provide appropriate support, direction and training to trainee medical officers, nurses and medical students and paramedical personnel by:
  • Participating in the education of trainee medical staff, nurses, medical students and paramedical personnel.
  • Acting as a role model and mentor for trainee medical staff, nurses and medical students.
  • Participating in the continuous educational activities in the department.
  • Participating in teaching and supervision of the anesthesia residents and cardiac anesthesia fellows during their training period in the cardiac anesthesia department.
  • Comply with the standards laid down by the Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare institutions (CBAHI) and Joint Commission Intonational Accreditation Standards (JCIA), performs the duties necessary to support and achieve accreditation.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous service improvement by participating in clinical and departmental meetings the development of clinical guidelines and protocols.
  • departmental audit and quality improvement and patient safety activities.
  • Quality improvement programs undertaken by the hospital
  • Through the chain of command and/or occurrence variance report, identifies any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service for patients, employees or visitors and situations that put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm.
  • Observe all hospital policies and procedures and statutory regulations.
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