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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-24


Job In Altaif

Company: Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

Start Date: 2024-01-24

End Date: 2024-03-24

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Abides by the Medical Staff Bylaws, Code of Medical Ethics, Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff and those specific to the department.
  • Uses clinical skills and methods appropriate to endodontic management and establishes a plan of action in the patients best interest.
  • Follows up those patients with endodontic problems or when a therapeutic response requires evaluation.
  • To report and discuss all unusual findings, complication or alterations in the management plan with the Consultant/Senior Registrar.
  • Carries out full range of clinical duties as assigned by the (Consultant/ Senior Registrar in Endodontics in accordance with individually approved clinical privileges.
  • Participates in the improvement of quality of patient care (Total Quality Management Programme, Quality Assessment Improvement Programme), as applicable.
  • Instructs and guides when necessary junior dental staff: in the overall care of patients, supervises their performance/work and contributes to the training and teaching activities in the department.
  • Fulfills the requirements of the Saudi Council for Health Specialties with regard to continuing medical education.
  • Attends the Continuing Medical Education Programme of the department.
  • Deputises for his superior as required and shares workload in his specialty during the absence of his colleagues.
  • Strives to improve his standard of practice with regard to morbidity and cost effectiveness.
  • Participates in the forward planning, and further development of the department.
  • Serves on hospital committees as requested.
  • Complying with medical record documentation requirements.
  • Reasonable for supervising program trainees and ensuring the progress of participation in the work
  • Shares workload in his specialty during the absence of his colleagues.
  • Strives to improve his clinical expertise as well as standard of practice with regardto morbidityand cost effectiveness.
  • Participates in approved research projects.

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