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Cybersecurity Operations Manager

  • Jizan
  • Air Products (Middle East) FZE
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-15

Job Title: Cybersecurity Operations Manager

Job In Jizan

Company: Air Products (Middle East) FZE

Start Date: 2024-01-15

End Date: 2024-03-15

Job Description

Cybersecurity Operations Manager - Jazan


  • Manage and operate JIGPC's Cybersecurity operations related systems and applications and ensure their performance, security, and reliability.
  • Manage JIGPC’s Cybersecurity Operations section activities and oversee team’s day to day operations. Support and mentor the Cybersecurity Operations team to execute the section’s responsibilities in an efficient manner
  • Oversee the JIGPC Cyber Defense Center (CDC), managed by third party to ensure that the CDC is delivering the contractually agreed services as per the defined SLAs.
  • Ensure that CDC is managing, deploying, and maintaining the security solutions like SIEM, vulnerability scanner, configuration audit tools etc. and the associated licenses are being utilized efficiently
  • Lead identification, evaluation, selection, implementation, and operation of appropriate security solutions, as per JIGPC’s risk profile.
  • Ensure the prevention of Cybersecurity incidents and events and take immediate steps to remediate them if they occur.
  • Ensure the Compliance of JIGPC’s Cybersecurity policies, procedures, applicable regulations, and standards as well as Audit reports.
  • Manage Cybersecurity projects.
  • Guarantee Quality of Work and deliverables.



  1. Accountable for JIGPC’s Cybersecurity related operational activities and objectives.
  2. Ensuring JIGPC’s data, information systems and networks are protected by appropriate Cybersecurity controls and providing related support to users as and when required.
  3. Have oversight over JIGPCs technology environment (IT and OT) and technical architecture and advise Cybersecurity Director on suitable security tools, technologies, and solutions.
  4. Responsible for maintaining the JIGPC Vulnerability and IT System Configuration compliance program, ensuring that the threats to the technology environment are proactively identified and remediated.
  5. Responsible for effective security monitoring (SOC) and ensuring that the security alerts are detected, investigated, and responded to in a timely manner as per agreed SLAs.
  6. Responsible for maintaining an effective cybersecurity incident response plan. Coordinate response to cybersecurity incidents and lead investigations including computer forensics for evidence gathering and preservation.
  7. Monitoring, responding to, managing, and reporting on any intrusion attempts, Cyber Incidents or Cyberattacks on JIGPC’s data, information systems or networks.
  8. Preparing and providing regular Cybersecurity Reports (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Ad Hoc, etc.) for the Cybersecurity Director and Top Management.
  9. Resolving Cybersecurity related problems within JIGPC, determining their Root Causes, and suggesting measures for their improvement.
  10. Overseeing and managing Cybersecurity services, SLAs and OLAs and related Third-Party Suppliers / Vendors / Contractors.
  11. Interacting with Consultants and ensuring Cybersecurity projects are completed on time and within budget.
  12. Contributing towards Cybersecurity policies, processes, procedures, and other related documentation improvements.
  13. Ensuring distribution of knowledge within the Cybersecurity team through coaching and training of junior staff, contributing to the technical robustness of the team.
  14. Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs meet organizational requirements.
  15. Contribute to Cybersecurity Awareness Program.
  16. Contributing to strengthening organization’s Cybersecurity posture.
  17. Performing any other duties assigned by the Cybersecurity Director.


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