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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-14

Job Title: Receptionist

Job In Saudi Arabia

Company: Al Futtaim Group

Start Date: 2024-01-14

End Date: 2024-03-14

Job Description

Receptionist | Al Futtaim Automotive | Electric Mobility

Overview of the role:

To review the labour and parts items used in an order and split the items into cash / credit / warranty / SMC / intra sub orders and raise performance, evaluate appropriate charging to customers and raise final invoices (except cash). Raise purchase requisition (PR) and Local Purchase Order (LPO) for all sublet / bought out items issued in an order and processing of these LPO’s for payment. Carry out all goods issue, goods receipt & invoice verification transactions, submit reports to manager for onward submission to finance for vendor payments. Compile incentive and overtime summary for direct and non- direct productive on monthly basis and feed data of productive hours on Incentive Software. 


What you will do:   

Job Costing:

-   Evaluate the labour and parts line items in a service order and split into different jobs, choose the appropriate sub order and then customer to ensure the line items are appropriately split for correct billing.

-   Raise proforma invoice for cash and contract periodic service orders and verify the engine oil, brake cleaner and consumable charges posted from packages are correct and the net amount equals the listed menu price.

-   Raise proforma invoice for repair service orders and add consumable charges, following a certain percentage of labour value as per the policy guidelines to ensure the customer is billed appropriately. 

-   Apply discounts manually in consultation with the service manager on labour and part items in the service order as required to meet the agreed menu price and customer-based discounts.

-   Assign parts issued on a service order to the appropriate labour jobs for proper accounting and charging to the customers.

 Invoicing Orders

-   Prepare proforma and raise invoices for all intra service orders to be billed to Sales Marketing department thereby ensuring the charged amount are as agreed or as per the menu price.

-   Prepare proforma and raise invoice for all contract orders and ensure the billed amount is as per the menu price.

Local Purchase for Sublet / bought out items.

-   Raise purchase requisition and Local purchase orders in SAP using appropriate GL account number and material group for each sublet or bought out item requested in a service order to account for all such purchases. Care to be taken to ensure the correct GL account and amount is entered while raising the purchase orders for proper accounting and billing.

-   Prepare good receipt notes (GR) on receiving the sublet services or bought out items immediately in SAP to process the service order for billing.

-   Ensure the sublet services and bought out items carry the pre-determined mark up and the net amount in proforma is as per the agreed price with the customer.

-   Create invoice verification document periodically and submit all vendor invoices with a summary statement to finance to arrange for timely payment to the vendors. 

Local Purchase order for Consumables / Equipment maintenance :

-   Raise local purchase order in SAP using appropriate GL account number and material group for purchase of workshop consumable like engine oil, gear oil, paint materials and paint consumables required for workshop operations.

-   Work closely with service supervisor to ensure the workshop consumable stock levels are maintained by periodically reviewing and placing order to ensure no disruption in operations.

-   Prepare goods receipt note, invoice verification note in SAP and periodically submit to finance with summary statement to ensure timely payment to vendors.

-   Raise local purchase order in SAP using appropriate GL account number and material group for maintenance of workshop equipment / purchase of small hand tools within the manager’s authority limits, required for workshop operations.

Incentive Compilation:

-   Periodic update of attended and booked hours by direct productive on the TESIS – incentive software to facilitate the monthly incentive payment.

-   Periodic update of upsell incentive / overtime data for non-direct productive on TESIS to enable monthly payment to staff. 

-   Work closely with service supervisor to ensure all the productive and non-direct productive incentives and overtime data are accurate and timely forwarded to NSD for necessary action. 

Additional jobs:

-   Add appropriate labour operation number in the service order for additional jobs reported and approved by the customer / service manager (in case of warranty orders) to assign parts and charge customers accordingly.

-   Enter the appropriate cause and defect codes in case of warranty jobs in SAP to enable warranty administrators to raise manufacturer claim and for analysing failures through labour operations.

Stationery requirements:

Job holder maintains the stock of stationery items like pre-printed stationery of orders, invoices, pre-diagnostic sheets, vehicle receiving forms, warranty tags required for day to day workshop operations.

-   Places order with NSD for stationery items as and when required and work closely with service manager to ensure proper utilisation. 

Attendance recording:

-   Job holder prepares the attendance sheet every month for onward submission and review by HRD when required. This would assist in reconciling the attendance recorded through time card with SAP. 

-   Work closely with service supervisor and manager to ensure that leave records are maintained timely in SAP and the leave records tallies with the attendance sheet. 

Contract orders processing:

-   Raise a request in consultation with service manager, with the contracts department at NSD for service order cases wherein the contract amount, kilometre or period have exceeded the stipulated limits, and prepare pro-forma and invoice on approval. 

-   Follow up with NSD contracts department regularly for cases where the orders are awaiting processing for want of creation of contracts in SAP to minimise work in progress orders and timely billing. 

Productivity Monitoring:

-   Prepare a summary of vehicles washed at the washing section on a monthly basis to determine the productivity of the washing staff.

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