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Sales Manager – Smart Solution

  • Riyadh
  • Confidential Company
  • Posted date: 2 months before
  • End date: 2024-03-03

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Job Title: Sales Manager – Smart Solution

Job In Riyadh

Company: Confidential Company

Start Date: 2024-01-03

End Date: 2024-03-03

Job Description

Job Purpose:

The Sales Manager supervises and manages Smart Fixed Broadband salespeople and sales staff, including door-to-door agents and booking fulfillment.

Job Description:

  • Provide leadership of the sales team.
  • Motivates and motivates the sales team to ensure business growth.
  • Evaluates and analyzes sales and reporting and evaluates opportunities and potential.
  • Identify emerging markets and market changes while remaining fully aware of new products and the competitive environment.
  • Identify and analyze customer preferences to target sales activities appropriately. Find new potential clients and maintain existing client relationships. 
  • Generate projects/business opportunities and offers through customer contacts to meet company business plans and growth strategies.
  • Manage the sales process from coordination of inquiries/surveys to "closing the deal”.
  • Collaborate with senior management to create and implement the company's marketing and business development plan and strategy to achieve business goals.
  • Lead the development and preparation of RFPs, development of pre-exams, formal presentations.
  • Ensure all customer communications meet our standards and correct content and format.
  • Negotiate potential contract adjustments or extensions as needed.
  • Coordinates internally with other departments such as technical, operations, finance, HR, ...
  • Act as a resource person for sales and marketing management Assess the intended quality of future business; redirecting efforts when they are not on track.
  • Follow the race closely.
  • Meet clients and sign comprehensive contracts.
  • Perform other duties as directed.

Required Qualifications: 

  • At least have 2 years of experience in a similar industry.
  • Successful previous experience as a sales representative or sales manager, consistently meeting or exceeding targets
  • Candidate must have an engineering and/or business education in sales/marketing and/or similar work experience.
Job Location: Riyadh

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