HSE Engineer - Shuaibah

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-02-23

Job Title: HSE Engineer - Shuaibah

Job In Saudi Arabia

Company: NOMAC

Start Date: 2023-12-25

End Date: 2024-02-23

Job Description


To lead, manage, monitor and report on the HSSE performance of a Plant to ensure that harm is prevented and the requisite HSSE management systems are implemented, monitored, and enforced to deliver compliance with HSSE legal requirements, Group standards and contractual obligations by all plant employees and contractors.

Key Accountabilities:

People Management

  • Manage self and team in line with NOMAC's people management policies, procedures, processes and practices to ensure adherence and to maximise own and employee contribution to business performance.
  • Organise and supervise the activities and work of subordinates to ensure that all work within a specific area of the activity is carried out in an efficient manner which is consistent with operating procedures and policy.
  • Provide on-the-job training and constructive feedback to subordinates to support their overall development.
Budgets and Plans

Monitor the financial performance of HSSE activities in the plant versus approved budgets so that areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified and rectified promptly and potential performance improvement opportunities are capitalized upon.

Technical Guidance and Services

  • Lead the provision of technical and HSSE management support and leadership to the Plant and all its employees, to ensure effective execution of activities.
  • Lead the risk assessments and task reviews of key activities in the Plant, to identify and prevent probable HSSE hazards leading to significant losses.
  • Manage meetings with contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors and advise them on the HSSE management and performance, in order to create awareness and ensure adherence to defined standards.
  • Report HSE Metrics / indicators and performance to HSE Country and Regional Manager in a timely and efficient manner.

HSSE Management Systems

Develop, implement, and maintain the Plant's HSSE management system, including emergency preparedness and management, to ensure conformity to NOMAC standards and compliance with HSSE legal requirements and contractual obligations.

HSSE Management, Monitoring & Reporting

  • Conduct regular site visits, and inspections, monitoring site HSSE management and performance to ensure effective implementation and maintenance of the HSSE Management Plan/System in the plant
  • Conduct regular meetings with the HSSE Personnel at the Regional / Corporate Level and prepare reports on the HSSE management and performance of the plant, in order to prioritize actions and escalate HSSE issues for timely resolution.


  • Deliver HSSE training to all Plant employees and contractor staff, to ensure they are aware of the HSSE standards and the HSSE management systems.
  • Coach and advise contractors on the content of HSSE standards, in order to create awareness on the HSEE expectations and enable the provision of best practices.
  • Guide the development and implementation of HSSE campaigns on the site, to ensure proper HSSE Culture is disseminated to all employees and contract staff.

Stakeholder Management

Maintain positive working relationships with regulators and emergency services, contractors etc., to ensure mutual support and adherence to HSSE compliance requirements.

Emergency Planning and response

  • Manage the execution of emergency drill scenarios and site emergency mock drills, in order to ensure readiness in case of an emergency, whilst proposing re
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