Mechanical Supervisor - Rabigh KSA

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  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2023-12-16

Job Title: Mechanical Supervisor - Rabigh KSA

Job In Rabigh

Company: NOMAC

Start Date: 2023-10-17

End Date: 2023-12-16

Job Description

Key Accountabilities:

People Management 

  • Supervise the activities and work of the team members to ensure that targets and objectives are achieved and the business plan is delivered in line with the required policies, processes, procedures and systems. 

Maintenance Management 

  • Assign resources for the scheduled preventative maintenance / breakdown and major repair jobs to enable optimal functionality of mechanical machinery in line with quality standards and provide timely completion of all jobs while reporting any deviations to the Mechanical Engineer for action. 
  • Test and validate the condition of machines upon completion of repairs to confirm readiness in compliance to quality standards. 
  • Perform inspections on regular basis to follow-up on work progress of all mechanical engineering aspects ensuring that work progress is carried out as per approved work schedule and appropriate resources are allocated while highlighting any non-conformances to the Mechanical Engineer to ensure prompt action. 
  • Review and analyse maintenance data and associated costs to identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost optimisation.  
  • Participate in the modifications to existing machinery; assist the Mechanical Engineer in the preparation of preliminary submissions including technical specifications and materials for modifications together with accompanying drawings, process diagrams and cost estimates. 

Outage Management 

  • Coordinate the planning and execution of the annual outage maintenance of critical mechanical equipment, as per the recommendation of the OEM, and provide technical support to ensure the EHS, scope, cost, and timeline objectives are met.    


  • Ensure that all maintenance documentation for the mechanical activities are completed in SAP correctly including the Maintenance Log, outlining the fault, method of repair and the time, labour and materials used to support timely availability of information. 

Health, Safety, Security & Environment  

  • Ensure adherence to all relevant health, safety, security and environmental procedures, instructions and controls so that the safety of employees and environmental compliance can be guaranteed. 

Inventory Management 

  • Monitor the spare parts requirement for the Mechanical maintenance activities, and facilitate the procurement of stocks to ensure accurate and timely availability and replenishment of the required stock.  

Policies, Processes, Systems & Procedures 

  • Adhere to all relevant organisational and departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out to the required standard and in a consistent manner. 

Continuous Improvement 

  • Contribute in the identification and implementation of change initiatives, programmes and projects in line with the organization's standards.  

Related Assignments 

  • Perform any other duties which the line manager may require to be carried out.
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