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veterinary nurse

  • Doha
  • healthy pet center Doha, Qatar
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-06-12

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Job Title: veterinary nurse

Job In Doha

Company: healthy pet center Doha, Qatar

Start Date: 2024-05-28

End Date: 2024-06-12

Job Description

  1. Assist veterinarians in performing examinations, surgeries, and other medical procedures on animals.
  2. Administer medications, vaccines, and treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian.
  3. Monitor patients before, during, and after surgical procedures, ensuring their comfort and safety.
  4. Collect and analyze laboratory samples, such as blood, urine, and tissue, for diagnostic purposes.
  5. Maintain accurate and detailed medical records for each patient, including treatment plans and progress notes.
  6. Provide post-operative care and follow-up instructions to pet owners.
  7. Assist in the management and organization of the clinic, including inventory control, equipment maintenance, and cleanliness.
  8. Educate pet owners on preventive care, nutrition, and general animal wellness.
  9. Handle and restrain animals during examinations and procedures, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  10. Provide compassionate care and emotional support to pet owners during difficult times, such as euthanasia.

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