Ali Bin Ali Doha, Qatar

Trade Marketing Supervisor

  • Doha
  • Ali Bin Ali Doha, Qatar
  • Posted date: 3 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-06-11

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Job Title: Trade Marketing Supervisor

Job In Doha

Company: Ali Bin Ali Doha, Qatar

Start Date: 2024-05-27

End Date: 2024-06-11

Job Description


This role individually contributes at an expert level by supervising individual contributors towards  ensuring his/ her unit/ division short term marketing plans are aligned with the principal strategy and works rigorously on execution of the same on timely manner.

  • Responsible for the Listing of promos
  • Allocation; monitoring and evaluation of trade Promotions
  • Responsible for Ordering of the Point Of Sale Materials
  • Carries out Market competition survey
  • Carries out timely market visits to check execution
  • Provides Timely promo / event reports to Principals
  • Provides input into sales Forecasting
  • First level Customer/ supplier interface with regards to negotiations on marketing spends
  • Solves Tier 1 escalated problems within prescribed guidelines
  • Ensuring Customer/ supplier satisfaction and contributing towards developing Customer loyalty and principal retention programs.
  • Typically, provides direct supervision to professionals or senior professionals which include objective setting, as well as training and coaching
  • Manages performance, taking corrective action, where required, on poor performers in line with policy
  • Analysis and provides insights towards making short to medium term operational decisions of functional unit.
  • Marketing spends
  • Investment plan by customers
  • Analyses needs and improvement opportunity
  • Evaluate solutions and up with recommendation of innovative solutions to next level in order to facilitate change or improvement promo activities
  • Provides inputs towards the short / medium term strategic planning process at the department or functional level
  • In consultation with next level assists in the implementation of short / medium term strategic goals of the department or function
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