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Pipeline Director

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  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-05-24

Job Title: Pipeline Director

Job In Qatar

Company: Power International Holding Qatar

Start Date: 2024-05-09

End Date: 2024-05-24

Job Description

Job Summary

The Pipeline Director is a senior management position responsible for overseeing and optimizing the development, implementation, and maintenance of pipelines within the organization. This role is crucial in ensuring efficient and effective project execution while maintaining high-quality standards and adherence to timelines. The Pipeline Director collaborates closely with various departments including engineering, construction operations, and project management to streamline processes and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Job Responsibilities 1

Develop and implement strategic plans for pipeline development, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives. Assess current pipeline systems and processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to optimize workflow efficiency.
Provide leadership and guidance to the pipeline team, including pipeline engineers, technicians, and support staff. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment, promoting teamwork, professional development, and knowledge sharing.
Oversee the design, development, and implementation of pipeline systems, ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and best practices. Collaborate with engineering teams to conceptualize and design pipeline routes, considering factors such as terrain, environmental impact, and safety.
Manage pipeline projects from inception to completion, including budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management. Coordinate with project managers and stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of projects while maintaining quality standards and adhering to regulatory requirements.
Establish and enforce quality assurance protocols to ensure the integrity, reliability, and safety of pipeline systems. Monitor compliance with relevant regulations, codes, and standards, implementing corrective actions as necessary to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.
Evaluate and select vendors, contractors, and subcontractors for pipeline construction, maintenance, and repair projects. Negotiate contracts, oversee vendor performance, and ensure adherence to project specifications, timelines, and budget constraints.
Develop and implement safety protocols and risk mitigation strategies to prevent accidents, protect personnel, and safeguard the environment. Conduct regular safety inspections, audits, and assessments to identify potential hazards and implement corrective measures.
Serve as the primary point of contact for internal and external stakeholders, including government agencies, regulatory bodies, landowners, and community members. Communicate project updates, address concerns, and foster positive relationships to support project objectives and minimize conflicts.
Prepare and manage budgets for pipeline projects, monitoring expenses, analyzing variances, and implementing cost-saving measures where possible. Provide regular financial reports and forecasts to senior management, highlighting project performance and financial risks.

Job Responsibilities 2

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

Strong proficiency in AutoCAD software and other relevant tools.
In-depth knowledge of pipeline engineering principles, construction methods, and regulatory requirements.
Knowledge of regulatory requirements, safety standards, and environmental regulations relevant to power and utilities operations.
Leadership and team management experience.
Commitment to safety, quality, and environmental stewardship, with a passion for excellence in engineering and operations.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Proficiency in project management tools and software, such as Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or similar applications.
Ability to travel to project sites and work in challenging environments as needed.
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