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Specialist - Obstetrics & Gynecology

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  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-05-23

Job Title: Specialist - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Job In Qatar

Company: Power International Holding Qatar

Start Date: 2024-05-08

End Date: 2024-05-23

Job Description

Job Summary

To diagnose and treat various medical conditions that impact women's health. To monitor illnesses and diseases, providing medical support to pregnant women and performing routine check-ups on female patients.

Job Responsibilities 1

Perform a wide range of tests, including pap smears, pelvic, and breast exams.

Diagnos and prescribe treatments for disorders and diseases.

Conducting routine check-ups on patients.

Monitoring and treating expectant mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Recording medical histories.

Educating patients about disease prevention and detection, and reproductive health.

Collaborating with other medical and non-medical personnel.

Keeping up to date with current practices and innovations.

Job Responsibilities 2

Supports in professional development of all medical, technical and nursing staff in his/her area of expertise. 

Participates in the various committees for the upgrading of patient care services and organization of work within and outside the hospital.

Participates in scheduling of on-call duties and provides on-call services. 

Participates in the assessment and updating of drug, medical supply and equipment needs.

Writes, completes and approves medical reports for patients. 

Participates in research activities.

Performs special procedures as privileged.

Adheres to policies, guidelines, plans and programs of the organization.

Performs other duties as assigned/directed by the Head of the department.

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