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Finance Compliance Manager

  • Qatar
  • Power International Holding
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-03-04

Job Title: Finance Compliance Manager

Job In Qatar

Company: Power International Holding

Start Date: 2024-01-04

End Date: 2024-03-04

Job Description

Job Summary

The Finance Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring that the organization's processes and procedures align with established standards, regulations, and industry best practices. This role involves developing, implementing, and overseeing processes and procedures to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with internal policies as well as relevant laws and regulations. Overall job scope involves collaborating with various departments to identify areas of improvement, implementing best practices, and establishing a culture of compliance within the organization while ensuring that the organization is always ahead of any potential risks or lapses, thereby maintaining its world-renowned reputation to lead ERP (SAP & non-SAP) Governance and Process Compliance.

Job Responsibilities 1

Lead the development and implementation of efficient and effective business processes across various departments.
Continuously evaluate and improve existing processes to enhance operational efficiency. Collaborate with key stakeholders to gather input and feedback for process optimization.
Stay abreast of relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards affecting the organization. Ensure that internal processes and activities comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Establish and maintain a compliance framework, including policies, procedures, and controls. Establish a system for documenting and managing policies.
Conduct regular risk assessments, both operational and strategic, and recommend improvements. Develop strategies to mitigate identified risks and ensure a proactive approach to risk management.
Train and supervise compliance officers under your purview, assuring top-tier performance. Communicate changes in regulations and internal policies to relevant stakeholders. Foster a culture of awareness and adherence compliance standards.
Develop and maintain documentation for all processes, policies, and compliance activities. Prepare and present compliance reports to Senior Management and other relevant stakeholders.
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