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Material Control System & Planning Lead

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  • End date: 2024-01-06

Job Title: Material Control System & Planning Lead

Job In Duba

Company: Air Products (Middle East) FZE

Start Date: 2023-11-07

End Date: 2024-01-06

Job Description

Site Material Control System & Planning Lead - Job Description

Job Description and Qualifications

This position is responsible for performing the Site Material Control System & Planning Lead activities on NEOM projects and will report to the Site Materials Manager. The Site Material Control System & Planning Lead will be the focal point for all Site Materials Control & Planning activities on site. The main responsibility will be to provide leadership using advanced Material Planning tools, shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the material control procedures, administration of computerised systems and document control, relative to Smart® Materials and to record material deliveries on Site and safely locate the materials, so they are easily retrievable when required by Construction and/or Contractors.

The incumbent will input to, provide guidance, define, improve, and direct daily operations of the Site Material Control System & Planning function, whose work has an overarching view of Engineering Specifications, BOM’s and Requisitions, Procurement RFQs, PO’s, expediting input and data, Quality, Shipping and Receiving, Warehousing, and subsequent issue of materials to contractors at Fabrication and Construction sites


The Site Material Control System & Planning Lead supports Field Engineering, Construction and Material Reporting. This includes Receiving and Issuing materials in SMat®, identifying and requisitioning material shorts, coordination with purchasing and the warehouse, utilizing the forecasting module in SMat® to monitor installation sequences, ROS dates and on-hand quantities to ensure that the right material is being utilized in the right place. Developing Construction Work Packages within SMat® for material issuing and confirming that the right amount of material is available to support Construction priorities.

Principal Accountabilities

The Site Material Control System & Planning Lead is expected to:

  • Create work package and Run Forecast & Reservation in SMat® and present result to construction based on the current priority.
  • Assists in the calculation of detailed schedules for equipment, materials, and manpower with respect to schedule needs versus resource capabilities
  • Plans and executes the material management of bulk and engineered equipment, systems, and construction materials in support of project operations within established material management plans, policies, and procedures.
  • Review’s material status reports to provide material delivery updates to Construction Management.
  • Advises Construction Management of developments that may substantially affect project costs or schedules and works with project teams and suppliers to find mitigating solutions.
  • Supports Project and Construction Management in the identification and assessment of risks with respect to supply of equipment and materials to the job site.
  • Supports and collaborates with Construction Management and other team members on site materials management issues.
  • Makes recommendations to improve, raise awareness, be knowledgeable of, and understand the current schedule on all equipment and materials; address any problems/concerns.
  • Analyse material allocation forecasts, and provide recommendations to the project for necessary corrective action (e.g., early identification of potential surplus, optimal expediting, identify impacts of delays in material delivery and provide construction alternatives, etc.)
  • Co-Ordinates & expedites material deliveries from both the Expediting & Logistics functions to ensure no hold ups in material deliveries.
  • Receives material deliveries on-site, opens and checks material upon arrival for compliance to Purchase Order requirements in terms of Qty, Quality, Damage, Short receipt, storage & subsequent issue to Site Contractors
  • Records all Material deliveries via MRR into Smart Materials & issues OS&D for any discrepancies for resolution by Home Office.
  • Be a “Hands on” Material Co-ordinator with a can-do attitude to understand where all materials are located on Site & ensure Smart Materials reflects true & accurate information with regards to Materials.
  • Assist Engineering and Procurement Managers in ensuring that Shop Quality control plans and schedules are in place, and that problem and concerns are being given proper attention.
  • Issue weekly/monthly reports of site material management activities for the project showing overall status and identifying significant delivery slippages against the construction schedule.
  • Maintains Materials Location Logs and Inventory Lists for ready access to equipment and materials that are on site.
  • Reviews receiving and shipping notices, yard layouts and reports schedule inadequacies.
  • Ensures materials management personnel meet with discipline construction supervisors to coordinate flow of materials to the work fronts.
  • Supports the Construction Manager in the development of manhours and Staffing Plans and Procedures, if necessary
  • Implements SMat® systems including Scheduling/Planning, Inventory, Purchasing, and Receiving modules.

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