Emergency Recruitment /Midwife/Nursex2 (Ref: SRP-MWI-006)

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  • End date: 2023-11-23

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Job Title: Emergency Recruitment /Midwife/Nursex2 (Ref: SRP-MWI-006)

Job In Adiyaman


Start Date: 2023-10-24

End Date: 2023-11-23

Job Description


İlan Detayları


Area: Health and Nutrition

Department: Technical

Country/Base: Türkiye/Adıyama

Hierarchical Superior: Medical Officer

Functional Top: Medical Officer

Directly supervise: IYCF-E counsellors

Internal relations: With personnel from the SRP and partner technical team and administrative and logistical personnel.

External Relations: Personnel from the Municipality, Regional Government and other departmental and local institutions, UN agencies, local and international NGOs, as well as community leaders.

1. General Objective of the Position

The midwife will be part of the team operating in an integrated manner with the Medical officer and IYCF counsellors in the areas most affected by the earthquake.

He/she will be required to lead the team operating in the mother-baby friendly spaces for the benefit of target groups in areas most affected by the disaster, conducting needs assessments in coordination with the Medical officer when necessary.

They will work in team and adapt their service according to the priorities identified and changing in the period of implementation of the project, assuring that the interventions are conducted preserving the dignity of beneficiaries and following strong ethical principles and confidentiality.

S/he will overview the design of the infant and young child feeding activities and sessions, ensuring they are implemented in a way that child and caregiver well-being. They will be responsible for the monitoring and reporting of training and awareness raising activities, as well as groups and individual sessions ensuring that the impact of team activities is met considering the cultural context for the most vulnerable communities.

The midwife will also be responsible for identifying the specific intervention plans. S/he will also be responsible for keeping records, monitoring service beneficiaries' progress, and reporting to the medical officer. This person will actively participate in programming and follow-up meetings of activities, sharing good practices and lessons learned that contribute to the improvement of the intervention and the expertise of partner organizations.

2. Specific Objectives

Overview and implement mother baby friendly spaces in the EQ affected areas:

  • Makes sure that IYCF program is implemented according to Sphere standards.
  • Organize individual (one-to-one) counseling or group counseling sessions assessing and diagnosing challenging cases of feeding. Making relevant needs assessment, planning, and implementing raising awareness of the beneficiaries, establish and lead mother-to-mother support groups.
  • Provide supervision, technical assistance, and capacity building to staff in mother baby friendly spaces and responsibility for the daily implementation making sure the staff have adequate training on providing proper IYCF counseling.
  • Conduct formative assessment for key behaviors and skills for IYCF and develop culturally appropriate and effective materials and adapt it to the day-to-day counseling leading the provision of IYCF messaging.

Reporting and documentation: Completion and safe/confidential storage of beneficiary data and program information

  • Completion and filing of beneficiary data collection forms (quantitative and qualitative) using program tools (e.g., assessment form, follow-up form, referral form, final assessment and discharge form, etc.)
  • Set project quality standards and action steps and monitor the performance accordingly and report weekly on the activities.

Coordination and communication

  • Maintain regular communication with relevant stakeholders with external actors (local authorities, leaders, other NGOs, Unicef, volunteers, subcontractors, etc.).

Participate in analysis and reporting of global issues in the affected population.

  • Participate in the needs assessment of the population of concern within the scope of Infant Feeding in Emergencies.
  • Report to field team and medical officer information collected in the field regarding humanitarian actors’ activities and constraints.

Collaboration in security measures.

Transmits in a timely manner all the necessary and complete information to guarantee safety in the areas of action.

                                                        Will participate in                                                Reports-Frequency

Program definition                                            NO 

Preparation of documents for donors              YES                                       Means of verification based on donor reporting                                                                                                                             requirements.

Drafting of projects                                           YES                                       They will contribute their knowledge of the context for donors                                                                                                        the formulation of projects.

Preparation of budgets and financial reports    NO

 5. Candidate profile

Academic training : Midwife/labor and delivery nurse

Desirable specific/technical knowledge: 

  • Postpartum initiation of breastfeeding
  • Counselling on pregnant and lactating women
  • Counselling on infant feeding

Previous experience required: ·         Experience designing and implementing infant feeding interventions (group and individual sessions) is ideal, counselling on pregnant and lactating women.
Experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

Personal characteristics required: Honesty, humanitarian principles, institutional identification, communication skills, coordination capacity, stress management, flexibility, spirit of teamwork.

Languages: Turkish, and ideally English

 Required computer programs: Advanced command of Windows, Office, for information management and reports.

Mobility required (national and international) Internal mobility in Hatay


To apply, please send your updated CV and a cover letter to with the subject of your email being ‘SRP-MWI-006.

Referans code : SRP-MWI-006
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Please send your application to the email address with reference code.

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