Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

أخصائي نطق /Speech Therapy

  • Hafr Albaten
  • Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate
  • Posted date: 9 months before
  • End date: 2023-12-02

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Job Title: أخصائي نطق /Speech Therapy

Job In Hafr Albaten

Company: Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

Start Date: 2023-10-03

End Date: 2023-12-02

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Abides by the Medical Staff bylaws, Code of Medical Ethics, Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff and those specific to the department/division.
  • He shall be responsible for all clinic, educational, training research related activities in the Speech Clinic.
  • He shall be available throughout working hours.
  • He shall responsible for doing speech and articulation tests for children referred from school or other clinic.
  • He shall be responsible for speech therapy sessions.
  • Work with family members to recognize and change behavior patterns that impede communication and treatment and show them communication-enhancing techniques to use at home to ensure accuracy and completes of work performed.
  • Attend continuing education programs designed to improve competency.
  • Assist in division planning and developing.
  • Attend and participates in departments meetings.
  • Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employees knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • The major must be from the College of Applied Medical Sciences
  • It is required to attach (SCFHS)


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