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Transparency & Compliance Assistant

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  • End date: 2024-07-25

Job Title: Transparency & Compliance Assistant

Job In Erbil

Company: ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)

Start Date: 2024-07-11

End Date: 2024-07-25

Job Description

The T&C Assistant contributes to monitoring the compliant implementation of Acted procedures in the bases assigned to him or her, using a risk-based audit approach and the guidance of his or her supervisor.

S/he is responsible for implementing the action plan and reviews defined to mitigate the risks identified, in conjunction with his/her supervisor.

S/he helps to communicate the difficulties encountered by the FLATS teams in his/her bases.

S/he also provides support for external donor audits in their preparation.

S/he must comply with and ensure compliance with the code of conduct.


Based on the instructions and guidelines given by his/her direct supervisor, the T&C Assistant has to :

  1. Participate in the review of the FLATS compliance process and internal audit by :

(i)  Using a predetermined risk-based audit approach, contributing to the control of the implementation of Acted procedures at bases and at partner level, in compliance with:

  • Acted manuals of procedures,
  • Donors’ specific procedures,
  • Best practices
  • National legislation

(ii) Participating in action plans approved by the T&CM;

  1. Participate in the preparation and follow-up of external audits of donors and due diligences;

Share lessons learned and best practices to the FLATS departments concerned.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Control of the FLATS and program compliance process


The T&C Assistant must know how to look for (and eventually know) ACTED's policies and procedures and ensure that they are properly implemented.

S/he must, on the basis of the instructions and plans given by his/her direct supervisor :


  • Collect, based on the relevant sample, the necessary documents from the departments and ensure the quality of the organization of their physical and digitized filing systems, in accordance with FLA-01 guidelines;
  • Complete the FLA-02 "Compliance checklist" on a monthly basis to ensure that FLATS documentation is compliant, report any non-compliant issues, propose and conduct corrective action plans and improvement suggestions where necessary;
  • Carry out monthly "Quotes & Invoices Investigation" (FLA-05), analyze results and report any fraud risk;
  • Complete the FLA-06 "Staff files checklist" on a monthly basis to ensure that personnel files are compliant, report any non-compliant issues and propose corrective action plans and improvement suggestions where necessary;
  • Ensure the implementation of compliance tasks associated with expenditure (including supply chain traceability, market survey, review of FLATS and program documentation, etc.)
  • Conduct the relevant ad-hoc spotchecks for the base FLATS and program departments.
  • Analyze the results of compliance reviews, flag risk and propose relevant lessons learned;
  • Report risky compliance alerts to his/her supervisor or suspected fraud to the T&CM;
    • Share and follow up validated recommendations resulting from lessons learned and internal audits with the departments concerned;
    • Ensure information needed to consolidate the monthly compliance report and the related capital annexes (MCR) are shared with the officer (FLA-04, FLA-02, FLA-05, FLA-06, lessons learnt and AUD-05)
    • Participate in partner due diligences and in monitoring the implementation of risk reduction plans.


    1. Preparing, carrying out and monitoring external audits


    The T&C Assistant will support the preparation and smooth running of external audits. Based on instructions and guidelines provided by his/her direct supervisor, s/he must:

    • Facilitate each external audit, by collecting, consolidating, and reviewing the selected supporting documents, identifying and rectifying any anomalies and sending the "Compliance checklists" (FLA-02) to his/her direct supervisor;
    • Identify risks and lessons learnt from the review and corrective actions to propose recommendations to his/her direct supervisor;


    1. Preparing, carrying out and monitoring internal audits


    The T&C Assistant is responsible for assessing the level of compliance of the various departments at each of the bases in his/her base by implementing the internal audit plan defined. S/he must follow the instructions and guidelines given by his/her direct supervisor:

    • Participate in drafting the Terms of Reference (AUD-03) prior to any internal audit;
    • Carry out internal audit in accordance with the audit plan (AUD-06), the ToRs and the ACTED internal audit methodology;
    • Complete the internal audit checklists AUD-08 : draft findings and flag risks based on interviews and appropriate documented testing carried out (using the associated testing files or by developing them);
    • Participate in drafting the action plan (AUD-04B) and audit report (AUD-04A) following each internal audit, identifying anomalies, and proposing associated recommendations for validation by his/her direct supervisor;
    • In collaboration with his/her direct supervisor, participate in the monthly sharing and monitoring of the action plan for the implementation of the AUD-05 recommendations in collaboration with FLATS and program departments;
    • Based on implementation feedback from department, carry out appropriate testings to evaluate recommandation implementation;
    • Report to line management any difficulties encountered by each department in implementing Acted procedures.


    1. Other
    • Report to line management any major problem with a potential financial or reputational impact on the mission;
    • Provide regular and timely updates on task ongoing, progress and challenges to the direct line manager;
    • Carry out any other tasks requested by his/her direct supervisor or the TCM.






  • Diploma in Audit, Finance, International Relations, Law or in relation with the position.
  • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and organizational terms.
  • Demonstrate flexibility, dynamism, and autonomy.
  • Ability to work well and under pressure.
  • Good communication and writing skills in English is a plus
  • Good analytical skills

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