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Logistic Officer

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  • Hope Makers Organization for Women
  • Posted date: 4 days before
  • End date: 2024-07-16

Job Title: Logistic Officer

Job In Sinjar

Company: Hope Makers Organization for Women

Start Date: 2024-07-09

End Date: 2024-07-16

Job Description


Hope Makers Organization for Woman is a local, women-led organization that seeks to support Yezidi women and the Yezidi community in Sinjar. Established in 2016, HMOW has a history of providing Mental Health Support and Suicide Prevention services among other services that seek to support the community to build resilience and to recover.

Since the beginning of HMOW inception, its main goal was to support women and girls who are survivors of ISIS and survivors of gender-based violence in general, it focused mainly on providing safe spaces for them to be able to know themselves and overcome all that they faced through women's help to each other and through several psychological activities.

Hope Makers organization for Women works to improve the psychological conditions of women and reintegrate them into society so that they are decision makers and can dream again and create a better future.

Our vision is to create a safe community for Yezidi women and girls, and to combat gender-based violence and discrimination by creating an environment where Yezidi women and girls are supported and respected.  HMOW strives to create an environment where all women are empowered to be their own advocates and agents of change.

Our Mission is is to create a world where all Yezidi women and girls, are safe, respected, and valued. With a commitment to this goal, the organisation will continue to work to raise awareness and knowledge about violence against women, and create a future where equality for women is a reality.


Overall purpose

The Logistic Officer supports the Executive Manager in the overall management of the logistics activities in Sinjar and Duhok. They also work with the HR Manager in being the security focal point for the team. The Officer will also prepare and organize movement plans for the drivers. He/She guarantees specifically the good management of the resources (Fleet and Premises).


  • Support for Executive manager In supply chain management : He / She will support the Executive manager in his/her tasks and responsibilities linked to Asset, Fleet, and Premises Management.
  • Monitor security & safety of HMOW staff, intervention, and premises/equipment: He/She ensures the security assessment of current or future HMOW intervention area, access and security set up of any HMOW work locations, suggest modifications of the security rules, and assist the Area Coordinator in incident management.
  • Will conduct any task in line with his/ her JD as request by the line manger
  1. Procurement and Logistics


  • Procure materials and services as needed by the HMOW team with the supervision of the Executive Manager.
  • Carry out market assessments to map out vendors and service providers as needed by the HMOW team.
  • Follow up with suppliers and contractors to ensure timely and effective supply and delivery of goods, services and works, and collect the quotations.
  • Carry out tender processes and manage contract negotiations and preparations.
  • Support the program team in assessing potential vendors and service providers by evaluating delivery dates, and the vendor profile.
  • Be the focal person for ensuring proper documentation of all goods and services procured for the organization according to donor needs and HMOW’s internal policies.
  • Take lead in event planning and management by coordinating with venue owners and other relevant service providers.
  • Work closely with the finance team to ensure payments are carried out for contracted vendors and service providers upon delivery and as per contract.
  • Support the Executive Manager in creating templates and standard operation procedures for HMOW.
  • Anticipate procurement risks such as tender failure, delivery planning, seasonality, budget restrictions, etc and share potential risks with the program team to support in better planning.
  • Support project team in creating procurement plan to ensure sound delivery of goods and services in a timely manner.
  • Follow-up deliveries under his/her responsibility based on contractual terms.
  • Liaise efficiently with suppliers for timely deliveries and provide efficient problem solving of any unexpected issue.
  • Create framework agreements with relevant vendors as per the needs of the HMOW projects.
  • Attend any meeting as requested by the line manager  


    • Be the focal point on any premises issue.
    • Ensure the maintenance and the needs analysis regarding all premises and the communication of needs to the Executive manager.
    • Ensure the security management and assessment of all offices and premises used by HMOW.
    • Ensure that the issues are fixed with the help of persons who’s in charge of small maintenance.
    • Ensure the maintenance of premises and the supply of premises consumables. Check and take action when necessary with the support of the executive manager and HR Manager.
    • Be the focal point on any energy issues. Identify the needs and help in costs and contracts negotiations
    Ensure the maintenance and the proper use of all energy equipment (generators) on the base and on programs. Check and take action when necessary
  1. EQUIPMENT and Asset Management


  • Follow up and regularly update the assets and inventory lists, keep track of all equipment, and contact lists for vendors and service providers.
  • Edit the identification cards and asset forms.
  • Install and secure materials.
  • Focal point on any IT and telecom issues.


  • Coordinate with relevant local authorities on obtaining access letters and movement permits for the HMOW team.
  • Coordinate with Security Focal Points in order to liaise with and build trusted professional relationships with key figures from different communities and maintain this network for the purposes of context understanding and access negotiation.
  • Collect all relevant information regarding security and share it with the program and project teams. Keep the executive manager, and the HR manager informed of any security-related information as soon as he gets to know them.
  • Provide weekly security updates to the Executive Manager.
  • Work closely with the executive manager to update security guidelines for the HMOW employees to ensure staff safety.
  • Ensure that security and safety rules and guidelines are shared with all HMOW employees and are respected.
  • Organise meetings and trainings especially focused on security and safety.
  • Conduct security assessments for event locations, offices, and other premises that will be used for HMOWs staff and beneficiaries.
  • Attend any meeting as requested by the line manager.


    • Be the focal point for staff movement.
    • Be the focal point on any transportation issues.
    • Organise the schedule of vehicle movements according to the NGO’s needs and schedules.
    • He/she follows all base needs in terms of vehicles and ensures that needed vehicles are provided in a timely fashion, for the persons as for the goods
    • Ensure that all vehicles used by HMOW staff have all the necessary documentation, extinguishers, and a first aid kit.
    • Ensure the drivers are respecting security rules and driving regulations and report any issue to the Executive manager.


    • Collect all necessary information and draft the monthly logistics reports.
    • Collect all necessary information and draft weekly security reports.





Probation Period : 

  • 2 months probation period

Education / Training

  • College diploma in a relevant field

Professional experience

  • At least 2 year of relevant experienc


Knowledge and skills

  • Strong relationships and communications skills.
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
  • Independence and ability to take initiative.
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • Management skills with capacity to delegate and supervise.
  • Analysis skills.



  • English
  • Arabic
  • Kurdish

Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/mission)


  • Ability to interact effectively and sensitively with international and national personnel, as well as with project partners, local authorities, and any other community stakeholders and key figures and community members.
  • Ability to conduct oneself with respect toward others.
  • Independence, an ability to take the initiative, and a sense of responsibility
  • Good resistance to stress
  • Sense of diplomacy and negotiation
  • Organization and priority management
  • Adaptability to changing priorities.
  • Ability to make suggestions.
  • Sense of Involvement
  • Trustworthiness and rigor


Interested Candidates can submit there CV & motivation Letters to the below Email .


Required Details : 

  • Email Subject (Log Officer HMOW).
  • All the Docs Must Submitted AS PDF Files .


Only applications labelled correctly will be accepted for consideration.

Deadline 16/07/2024.




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