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Logistic Officer - Baghdad

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  • End date: 2024-07-15

Job Title: Logistic Officer - Baghdad

Job In Baghdad

Company: Premiere Urgence Internationale

Start Date: 2024-07-02

End Date: 2024-07-15

Job Description

Preliminary job information

Job Title

Logistic OFFICER

Country and Base of posting

IRAQ, Baghdad/ 10% Travel 

Reports to

 Field coordinator

Reports to (technical links)

Logistic coordinator


General information

The organisation


Première Urgence Internationale is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization.

PUI has been working in Iraq since 1983. Its core objective is to provide a humanitarian response to the needs arising from population displacements in Iraq, through reinforcement and strengthening of the existing health system, provision of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), and by enhancing access to shelter, drinking Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH). PUI is currently implementing Health, MHPSS, WASH and shelter projects in Federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, through bases in Erbil and Baghdad.



Job description

Overall purpose


Ensure the efficient management of his /her logistics at base level. His/her role is to organize an efficient support logistics, He/she contributes to the implementation of good practices, tools and
procedures to carry out activities properly.


Responsibilities and scope of duties

The logistics officer will be responsible for managing the different functions of the logistics department including but not limited to Procurement, Supply, premises, fleet, asset, communication and reporting.


Specific goals and related activities



Task one: Procurement management at base level.


Mission 1: Manage orders & supplies

Ø  Process purchases according to PUI procedures and the threshold of the base.

Ø  Carry out requests for quotations for the procurements done at base level.

Ø  Prepare the necessary documents for purchases and delivery.

Ø  Purchase ordered items in accordance with PUI logistics procedures.

Ø  Obtain the necessary validations for the procurement files

Ø  Organize and monitor delivery.

Ø  Ensure proper receipt with the program team or applicants.

Ø  Soliciting pre-order and pre-delivery enquiries for all technical requirements to ensure compliance of ordered items.

Ø  Maintain the archiving of procurement files in accordance with PUI procedures.

Ø  Report any problems related to the supply to his/ her line manager



Mission 2: Manage supplier data and relationship.

Ø  Ensuring constructive commercial relations with suppliers at base level.

Ø  Prospecting / searching for potential new suppliers at base level.

Ø  Update the price list;

Ø  Update the supplier list on a monthly basis;



Mission 3: Follow up the payment of suppliers

Ø  Check and validate invoices in accordance with documentation, physical receipt and PUI procedures;

Ø  When necessary, making payments to suppliers for direct purchases after requesting an advance from the finance department.

Ø  Follow the payment of suppliers with the finance department for larger expenses (transfer, cheque)

Mission 4: Manage stock and shipments

Ø  Identify incoming and outgoing material and check quality and quantities.

Ø  Carrying out a monthly inventory and completing an inventory report.

Ø  Keeping stock records up to date.

Ø  Draft the various shipping documents when required.


Task Two: Premises Management


Mission 1: To ensure the maintenance and rehabilitation of PUI buildings

Ø  Manage the premises contracts and payment and make sure its up to date

Ø  Support on the process of opening or closing new bases as long as on the process of reallocation of any PUI premises at base level.

Ø  Supervise the renovation and maintenance of the buildings necessary for the operation of the base (offices, guesthouse, etc.);

Ø  Managing the general maintenance and services of the offices, and guesthouses: lighting, cleaning, electrical system, air conditioning, plumbing, hygiene, drinking water supply, carpentry, welding, etc;

Ø  Supervise small-scale construction / rehabilitation projects and control the quality of the work done by service providers;

Ø  Ensure that the permises Utilities are well managed and the cost if paid on time.

Ø  Report any problems related to the building to his/ her line manager

Ø  Ensure that the premises are equipped with all the necessary equipment’s (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, cameras, etc.. ) to ensure a good level of security for the premises..



Task 3: Fleet Management (vehicles and generators)


Mission One: ensure the well use and management of PUI’s vehicles at base level

Ø  Plan the movement of vehicles from the base ;

Ø  Allocate appropriate vehicles according to the established schedule;

Ø  Ensure the validation of the weekly transportation plan by the security focal points.

Ø  Inform all departments of the daily schedule and arbitrate travel;

Ø  Coordinate the inter-base travel schedule, distribute it and monitor vehicle movements;

Ø  Check that vehicles are adequately equipped for their use (first aid kits, jack, spare wheel, etc.);

Ø  Follow up on the maintenance of the base's vehicles

Ø  Supervise the maintenance of the base's vehicle fleet;

Ø  Ensure that the drivers are conducting the regular safety check for the vehicle

Ø  Ensure the availability of all the necessary documentation inside the vehicle (log book, DGO letter, etc…)

Ø  Manage the stock of spare parts, consumables fuel and their consumption.


Mission Two: ensure the well use and management of PUI’s generator


Ø  Ensure that the generator are well functioning

Ø  Follow up on the generator maintenance plan and ensure that the maintenance is taking place on time.

Ø  Ensure impending the good practices of the generator use in link with the energy load and the need.

Ø  Ensure the good tracking for the fuel consumption.


Task 3 : Asset Management

Ø  Check the labelling of equipment and inventory (vehicles, generators, ICT equipment’s, furniture  etc.) according to the PUI procedure

Ø  Carrying out a monthly inventory and updating the equipment list;

Ø  Organize any donations / retraining in line with standards at the end of the contract.


Task 4 : Manage the telecommunications resources (internet, radio, satellite and local)


Ø  Ensure the operation and monitoring of communications resources on the mission;

Ø  Carry out regular tests on the use of these resources;

Ø  Monitor local telecommunications suppliers (Internet, fixed and mobile telephony, etc.) and rationalize associated costs;

Ø  Keeping a technological watch on Internet connections and telecommunications resources.


Task 4 : Reporting and archiving


Ø  Ensure the update of the reporting tools regularly (Purchase and contract follow up, fleet follow up equipment’s follow up, premises follow up, Sat phone credit follow up, stock report follow up)

Ø  Ensure sharing the logistics treasury forecast with the finance on time.

Ø  Ensure updating and sharing the base logistics monthly report on time.

Ensure the availability of all the documents for the different tasks mentioned above in the relative archiving locations



Team Management

Direct management: 4 watchman and 1 driver

Indirect management: N/A

Other contacts

Internal: Baghdad team

External: local authorities, humanitarian actors.


The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the

project’s needs.

Required Profile

Required knowledge and skills






University in logistics, supply chain or business management



Minimum 1-2 years of logistics experience in Humanitarian sector

Previous experience in team management


Experience with NGOs



Good knowledge of procurement /supply
chain (purchase, transport, storage) or in
support logistics (facility management)



Specific Experience in Support logistics
Experiences in another logistics field
(technical or supply chain)
Negotiation skills
Strong work ethic, calm manner and
positive attitude









Pack Office







Valid driving license and driving skills




Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into the team, suitability for the job)

  • Ability to provide/structure instructions clearly and concisely both orally and in writing
  • A high sense of discretion and integrity when dealing with sensitive information
  • High degree of autonomy, responsibility, initiative, alertness, emotional stability with ability to prioritize a heavy workload and to delegate accordingly
  • Professional attitude and ability to build successful working relationships with contacts outside of the projects.
  • Self-motivated, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the team and organization
  • Strong commitment to support/develop capacity of staff
  • Team player: proven management ability and inter-personal skills, team management and conflict management skills
  • Excellent communication skills and sense of diplomacy
  • Analytical, Problem solving and leadership skills
  • Organization, rigor and ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to integrate the local environment into operations, in its political, economic and historical dimensions
  • Strategic vision, ability to predict future needs and to plan for a continuous development of the operations

In order to submit an application, all candidates are invited to fill the following google form by clicking on the link below: 


Premiere Urgence is an equal opportunity employer. Females are highly encouraged to apply.

Female Candidates are encouraged to apply for This Position.

Premiere Urgence will proceed to the preselection of candidates on a rolling basis and reserve the right to close the advertisement as soon as a candidate is identified for the position. Therefore, you are kindly invited to submit your application as soon as possible. 

Kindly note that all applications received by email or by paper will not be considered. Only those submitted through the application link will be processed.

Premiere Urgence International thank you for your interest in the organization.”

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