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Logistics Manager (C2)

  • La Chaine de l'espoir/Chain of Hope
  • Posted date: 2 weeks before
  • End date: 2024-07-24

Job Title: Logistics Manager (C2)

Job In

Company: La Chaine de l'espoir/Chain of Hope

Start Date: 2024-06-24

End Date: 2024-07-24

Job Description

General scope of the position:  

 The ideal candidate will have proven experience in logistics, procurement and security management within INGOs in Iraq. The position involves procurement, logistics and security tasks in coordination with the general operations coordinator. The CDE is looking for a team player who is able to exercise independent judgement in the execution of logistical tasks and demonstrate the ability to implement, evaluate and maintain sound systems and procedures.


In collaboration with the Head of Mission, the project managers, the administration and human resources coordinator, the medical coordinator and the security and access manager, he will determine the CDE's overall strategy for logistics and supply in the country.  

He/she manages the logistics staff (3 people) on a day-to-day basis.




  • He/She ensures that the material and personnel resources on-site are sufficiently adapted to the level of safety which is judged to be optimal in the bases and among the teams in the field.
  • He/She participates in collecting safety information in the CDE’s operation areas and communicates these in accordance with the channels defined.
  • He/She communicates, on a regular basis, with the guards and the drivers’ concerning accidents, risks and behavior to be embraced (regular meetings and training if necessary) and provides information HoM.


    1. Purchases in specific coordination with the applicant for technical and specific conditions and HQ department
  • He/She guarantees that purchase procedures are respected in the field, the capital and the headquarters, from the direct purchase to the international call for offers and supervises the purchasing process for the whole of the mission. He/She works in close collaboration with the person requesting the purchase, with strong technical specificity, and carries out the appropriate conformity tests.
  • He/She ensures that contracts signed are adequate in terms of effectiveness and protection of the CDE.
  • Participates and optimizes the grouping of purchases.
  • He/She participate to the identification and referencing of suppliers and has detailed invoices for recurrent purchases at his/her disposal. He/She consolidates/updates the mission’s price catalogue for the mission’s operation areas.
  • He/She ensures that purchase files are correctly archived.
    1. Shipment in specific coordination with the applicant for technical and specific conditions and HQ department
  • He/She participate to chooses the mode of transport and the packaging of the merchandise.
  • He/She plans and supervises the shipment and delivery of materials up to their final destination.
  • He/She coordinates with the logistics department at headquarters for the shipment of merchandise coming from abroad and supervises the potential process involved with clearing customs.
    1. Stocking
  • He/She guarantees the management and monitoring of the mission’s stock, according to the CDE’s procedures and tools. He/She ensures that these are known to and understood by everyone and are applied on all the mission’s bases.
  • He/She ensures that stocking sites are appropriate to the mission’s needs and that merchandise is stocked appropriately in terms of location, layout and salubriousness.
  • He/She organizes fluxes in merchandise, makes sure that the goods received are of a certain quality and carries out physical checks of stocked merchandise. He/She is attentive to the use-by-date of products, if need be.
  • He/She ensures the movement/transfer of documents is properly referenced. He/She checks stock reports on a monthly basis.
  • He/She defines the mission’s technical needs on each base and makes sure that their funding is possible, especially when new projects are being planned.
  • He/she issues technical recommendations on the choice of computer equipment, tele/radiocommunication equipment and energy supply. He/She authorizes the choice of the suppliers for the purchase of new equipment.
  • He/She authorizes the use of equipment, creates utilization procedures and trains personnel on how to use them.
  • He/She ensures the monitoring of equipment (state, location, proprietor/backer etc) through regular updates of monitoring tools (property list) and the keeping of physical inventories.
  • He/She supervises the installation of equipment and ensures they run smoothly and are maintained and ensures any necessary repairs are duly carried out.
  • He/She controls the consumption of equipment, if need be, and, if required, carries out necessary adjustments in accordance with utilization procedures.
  • He/She defines transport means adapted to the needs of projects associated with the mission and makes sure that the funding of this transport is possible, especially when new projects are being planned.
  • He/She ensures that vehicles are monitored (state, location, proprietor/backer etc) and that monitoring tools are regularly updated.
  • He/She ensures the vehicles are working properly, that they are properly maintained and any necessary repairs are duly carried out.
  • He/She controls the use of vehicles and, if necessary, makes any necessary changes to utilization procedures. He/She ensures plans and monitoring tools for the management of omissions are put in place and respected and that they are maintained through the use of logbooks.
  • He/She makes sure, above all, that questions of safety relating to the utilization of vehicles (authorized people, exceptional circumstances, safety equipment etc) are appropriately addressed.
  1. SUPPORTING THE BASES (Installation/Redeployment/Normal functioning/Closing)
  • He/She actively contributes to the opening and the closing of base(s) and potential redeployment. He/She supports the Base in the organization of logistics factors (installing equipment, building research etc).
  • He/She plans and supports the necessary rehabilitation and installation on the different bases.
  • He/She ensures that logistics information is effectively circulated between teams on the field, the capital and heaquarters.
  • He/She writes or participates in writing internal reports for everything concerning the logistics of the mission.
  • He/She ensures logistics coordination at the mission level by regularly visiting bases, checks, monitoring, training etc.
  • He/She participates in the financial and administrative management of his/her area of work. He/She makes sure that the budgetary allowance is respected in the logistics department and establishes monthly cash-flow needs.
  • He/She participates in the writing of reports for the donors (lists of equipment, checking functioning costs etc) and ensures the keeping of and the archiving of purchase files (help, equipment, location, omissions etc). He/She participates finally in the preparation of logistics in view of an audit which is either forthcoming or already underway.
  • Externally, he/she represents the CDE among authorities for any questions concerning logistics order (registering equipment, customs, etc).
  • Externally, he/she also develops and maintains relationships with partners, especially concerning NGOs for any question relating to logistics and security.
  • He/She supervises the whole of the logistics team, directly or otherwise. He/She writes and authorizes job descriptions and carries out or delegates job interviews.  He/She contributes to work meetings, mediates potential conflicts, defines priorities, plans activities and conducts yearly performance evaluations
  • He/She participates in the recruitment of the logistics team as well as in any decision to terminate an employment contract.
  • He/She ensures and/or supervises continued training of local and international members of the logistics team who are in the capital or on the bases on the procedures and tools of the CDE.
  • He/She supports the Base(s) in the realization of their logistics activities, in a functional and not hierarchical relationship.
  • He/She creates an action plan for the logistics department in accordance with the objectives defined in the annual programming of the mission


Based on the department's action plan :

  • Continue to structure the mission logistics department
  • To continue to manage and monitor supply files in accordance with deadlines
  • Prepare the SFMC audit of the current project



  • Computer skill (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • IT programmatic skills.
  • High confidentiality, respect, and non-discriminatory attitude
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and as part of a team.
  • Mastery of techniques such as communication, energy, electricity and computer technology
  • Familiarity with stock procedure, car park management, telecommunications etc
  • Familiarity with the procedures of institutional donors (OFDA, ECHO, AFD,CDC, UN agencies etc)

Training and diploma:  

  • Bac + 2 – in logistics or other relevant disciplines (purchases, transport etc)
  • Min. 2 years of experience in logistics with NGO

Required skills: 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to act as part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to organize and prioritize workload, using initiative when appropriate
  • Ability to cope with stress, work under pressure often to strict deadlines
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and patience
  • Ability to motivate and develop skills of others
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good computer skills on MS Office programs, especially in MS Excel.


  •  Good verbal and written communication skills in English & Arabic is mandatory - Kurdish is an added value.

Contract conditions: 

National, 6 months Full-Time

Salary range: According to the seniority in CDE Salary scale. 

There is presently no commitment as CDE is identifying a candidate pool based on grant acquisition and rolling candidate contact. CDE reserves the right to end the announcement at any time before the specified date.


How to apply:  

Applications comprising a cover letter and a CV with at least two references should be addressed to CDE recruitment team with the subject Logistics Manager: by email to this address   


Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.  

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply. 

Deadline for application: 23-07-2023

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