Data Collector

  • Suq Al-Shoyokh
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-05-25

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Job Title: Data Collector

Job In Suq Al-Shoyokh

Company: COOPI

Start Date: 2024-05-16

End Date: 2024-05-25

Job Description



Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) is an Italian humanitarian non-governmental organization founded in Milan in 1965. COOPI aims to help the world’s poorest to improve their access to healthcare, food, and financial security, and to overcome their special vulnerability to wars, civil conflicts and natural disasters. For 50 years of long-term support and constant presence in the field, COOPI has been engaged in breaking the cycle of poverty and responding to specific emergencies in numerous sectors, including Food Security, Humanitarian Aid, Health, Socio-Economical Services, Water and Sanitation, Human Rights, Education and Training, Migrations and Sustainable Energy


COOPI is seeking support from enumerators to work under the direct supervision of [MEAL Department]  to complete any assignments in the mentioned areas . Specifically, enumerators will have to:

  • Participate in the training programmes to be organized for enumerators by COOPI;
  • Participate in pre-testing of questionnaire together with COOPI Team;
  • Provide feedback in revising the questionnaire following the pre-testing results;
  • Conduct the field survey under the supervision of COOPI MEAL, meaning submitting a quantitative questionnaire by (phone/in person/via email), making sure to always obtain the persons’ consent
  • Conduct Focouse Group disscations
  • Entering data from paper surveys to online database/



التعاون الدولي (COOPI) هي منظمة إنسانية غير حكومية إيطالية تأسست في ميلانو عام 1965. تهدف COOPI إلى مساعدة أفقر الناس في العالم على تحسين حصولهم على الرعاية الصحية والغذاء والأمن المالي، والتغلب على ضعفهم الخاص أمام الحروب والصراعات الأهلية. والكوارث الطبيعية. على مدار 50 عامًا من الدعم طويل الأمد والحضور المستمر في الميدان، شاركت منظمة COOPI في كسر دائرة الفقر والاستجابة لحالات طوارئ محددة في العديد من القطاعات، بما في ذلك الأمن الغذائي والمساعدات الإنسانية والصحة والخدمات الاجتماعية والاقتصادية والمياه والطفولة. الصرف الصحي، حقوق الإنسان، التعليم والتدريب، الهجرة والطاقة المستدامة.

 COOPI في (العراق)


نشاط جمع البيانات COOPI

تسعى COOPI للحصول على الدعم من العدادين(جامعي البيانات) للعمل تحت الإشراف المباشر لـ [قسم المتابعة والتقييم] لإكمال أي مهام في المجالات المذكورة. على وجه التحديد، سيتعين على العدادين ما يلي:

  • المشاركة في البرامج التدريبية التي ستنظمها منظمة COOPI للعدادين.
  • المشاركة في الاختبار المسبق للاستبيان مع فريق COOPI.
  • تقديم اراء وتعليقات او اقتراحات عند مراجعة الاستبيان بعد نتائج الاختبار المسبق.
  • إجراء المسح الميداني تحت إشراف COOPI MEAL، أي تقديم استبيان كمي عن طريق (الهاتف/شخصياً/عبر البريد الإلكتروني)، والتأكد من الحصول دائماً على موافقة الأشخاص
  • إدخال البيانات من المسوحات الورقية إلى قاعدة البيانات عبر الإنترنت/

Education Requirements:


  • Diploma Degree or University degree in social sciences, systems studies, statistics or other relevant field of studies;

Skills & Experience:

  • Good personal/soft skills. Enumerators must be able to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds, and explain the survey to business owners/managers who are not familiar with the assessment/study/research/data collection
  • Attention to detail. Enumerators will be required to carefully follow instructions relating to the selection of respondents and recording of responses.
  • Good technology skills. Computer literate & familiarity with the use of android smart phones. Enumerators will use  [KoBo tool Box , Google forms , any other data collection tools based on needs]
  • Available to work full-time (8 hours per day) 5 days of the week during survey.
  • Be professional, motivated, flexible and culturally sensitive
  • Experience in data collection, collation, analysis, and report writing
  • Be familiar with the local context in City of data collection
  • Knowledge of the local language data collections and fluent Arabic
  • Willing and able to be based and travel regularly within remote areas, where services are limited
  • Relevant experience in minimum 2 surveys 

This ToR shall be inclusive of any other task specifically assigned by the MEAL Manager and direct supervisor for what concerns the implementation of the program activities

Interested candidates can send their updated CVs to the following email address:

Please make sure to include the following job code.

D.C.D-872501-Suqalsh., for whom applied form Suq Alshoyokh

 within the email's title, applications without a job code won't be considered.

Due to the urgency of this position, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the vacancy can be filled prior to the stated closing date.

  • Your resume must be uploaded in PDF format.

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