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Security Guard

  • Dhi-Qar
  • ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-06-12

Job Title: Security Guard

Job In Dhi-Qar

Company: ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)

Start Date: 2024-05-12

End Date: 2024-06-12

Job Description

Under the authority of the Area Operations Officer and Country security officer, a Guard is responsible for maintaining the security of ACTED assets and Community Assets provided by ACTED, The Guard has an important role to play in guaranteeing that security of ACTED items and properties. 


- Guards are to switch on and off the generator

- Guards are to clean the compound and make sure that it is clean.

- Guards are to be dressed in ACTED uniforms when on duty and are to have security identification cards visible (if issued).

- Guards are responsible to ensure that the offices are always Pad locked.

- Guards are to report the loss of uniforms, identification cards and security related equipment to the security Assistant/Officer. If the guard is to be found responsible for the loss, a formal warning may be issued.


General – Specific for Night Duty

- Gates are to be locked at curfew or at a designated time determined by the Security Manager.

- Guards are not to sleep whilst on duty and are to remain alert.

- Guards are to conduct regular checks of the perimeter fencing within the compound.

- Guards are to ensure that where applicable, ACTED vehicles are parked inside the compound

- Guards are to ensure that where applicable, perimeter security lighting is switched on at last light.



- An emergency situation can include fire, attempted break in to an ACTED compound, or armed people

- Attempting to gain entry to an ACTED compound. Emergency contact details are to be issued separate from these orders



In the event of a fire, guards are to

- Inform the security Assistant / Officer

Inform the fire Department and the Local Police Office.

- Cut the power to the building and close all office doors and windows where safe and applicable.

- Attempt to contain the fire and wait further instructions.


Attempted Break In.

In the event of an attempted break in, guards are to

- Inform the Security assistant/officer and hold them if possible until Local Police arrive to question them




  • “Male”
  • “Resident of Dhi-Qar”
  • “Age between 22 – 50 years old”


  • Basic Level of English
  • Past job experience in INGO

Past job experience in similar position

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