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Operations support Officer

  • Dhi-Qar
  • ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)
  • Posted date: 1 month before
  • End date: 2024-06-12

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Job Title: Operations support Officer

Job In Dhi-Qar

Company: ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)

Start Date: 2024-05-12

End Date: 2024-06-12

Job Description

The Operations Support officer works under the direct supervision of the AC and has functional links with the Country HR/Admin Manager, Country logistics manager, Country Security Manager, Country Finance Manager, Deputy Country Director, and Country Director. He/she is responsible for HR/Administration, logistics, finance, and Security in the Thi-Qar office according to ACTED guidelines.



  1. Administration
  • Liaising with local authorities and border when needed
  • Request and obtain access permission for ACTED and REACH activities
  • Ensure timely payment of bills for rent, telephone, internet, electricity, water.
  • Monitor and control the use of the office.
  • Ensure an adequate provision of office supplies, including computer and printer supplies.
  • Follow up of the office supplies stock.
  • Follow up service agreements and ensure that IT equipments are always functioning.
  • Maintain and check administrative filing systems, filling administrative documents and letters.
  • Supervise the cleaning staff.
  • Liaise with local authorities to ensure all legal documentation is completed and submitted accordingly.


  1. HR
  • Follow up the recruitment of new staff, advertisement, collection of CVs, 1st selection, arrangement of interview.
  • Prepare work contracts for new staff and extend/Amend work contracts when needed.
  • Fill and keep updated personal files for all employees with needed documents (Contracts, ID, Photo, CV, application form, interview record, Declaration of Relatives, Code of Conduct, leave request, vacation request, attendance sheets, TOR signed, appraisals, grade and positions) and ensure all employees have updated contracts.
  • Maintain staff grade and position in accordance with the salary grid.
  • Prepare the monthly Titanic sheet and send it to the senior HR/Admin Country Manager/Officer as per procedures,
  • Solve disputes among employees/staff.

Procurement and supply chain management

  1. Local Procurement (Scenarios A, B and C)
  • Account for overall compliance with ACTED procurement procedures;
  • Follow-up the procurement in his area of operations (Scenario A, B, C) as requested by the Area Coordinator, Deputy Area Coordinator, Country Logistics Manager;
  • Validate the Purchase / Service Contracts for Scenario C procurement, along with Coordination;
  • Supervise the computerized tracking of all purchases through the Order Follow Up;
  • Reinforce current procedures and the quality of ACTED internal control, based on ACTED guidelines, donor requirements and results of internal and external audits;
  • Manage the base’s procurement and supply chain, from reception of Order Form to final delivery (Waybill);


  1. Fleet and Fuel Management
  • Accounts for the overall compliance with the delivery and fleet management procedures (Monthly transport / Fuel Consumption report);
  • Manage and control running costs of base’s fleet (fuel, maintenance and repairs), including generators;
  • Responsible of roaster and management of drivers


  1. Assets and Property Management (including premises)
  2. Asset Management
  • Account for the overall compliance with assets, properties and premises management procedures;
  • Supervise the safety and effective use of all ACTED assets and properties in the office;
  • Asset Documentation
  • Account for the overall compliance with assets management procedures;
  • Regularly verifies the Asset Documentation (Asset Card, Maintenance / Repair Card, Monthly Equipment Follow Up);
  • Controls that Assets file is updated with all necessary documents (vouchers, technical manuals, repair and maintenance documents);
  • Ensure that all hardcopies of Assets cards, Assets List and Assets Maintenance Sheets are printed and updated: files must be accessible at all times to Country Logistics Manager and any FLAT auditor;
  • Control that tags and identification of Assets are clear for all equipments kept in the bases of his area;
  • Control and consolidate at base level the Monthly Equipment Follow Up report, to be sent to Area Logistics Manager / Country Logistics Manager on monthly basis, every 3rd of the month.



  • Respect existing financial procedures
  • Ensure the proper allocation of each expense to the corresponding project
  • Ensure that the filling of the Physical Cash Book properly
  • Ensures that no payment is delivered without proper supporting documentation
  • Send required documents to the Capital Office (Finance original documents and FLAT folder before the 7th of each month; responsibility to keep copies of the Finance documents at base level)
  • Upload in the NGO accountancy program SAGA all the base accountancy on a weekly basis and check it on a monthly basis before sending it to the Capital Office on the 3th of each month (once implemented)
  • Supervise the weekly and monthly cash reconciliations and the monthly bank reconciliation
  • Supervise the relation with the bank(s)
  • Send a weekly/bi-weekly cash request to the Capital Office and liaise with Program teams and Logistics to prepare a Base Monthly Cash Request to be sent to the Capital Office under supervision of the Area Coordinator
  • Update the Contract Follow-Up in liaison with Logistics each time a new contract is signed and each time a payment relative to a contract is done. Send the Contract Follow-Up to the Capital Office on the 5th of each month
  • Follow-up financial indicators of ACTED’s projects
  • Help the Country Office to have a clear vision of the base’s financial situation
  • Help the base manager to have a clear vision of the area’s financial situation

Internal audit support and role of alert:

  • Ensure that the procurement processes are respected and that supporting documentation is present and justifying all payments


  • Support Program Department when required.
  • Represent the Organization in the absence of the Area Coordinator or when he/she holds the highest position in the area.
  • Support/organise external meetings of CD/DCD/PDM when they are in Thi-Qar.

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