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Searcher X2

  • Telafar
  • Shareteah Humanitrian Organization (SHO)
  • Posted date: 1 week before
  • End date: 2024-05-19

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Job Title: Searcher X2

Job In Telafar

Company: Shareteah Humanitrian Organization (SHO)

Start Date: 2024-05-12

End Date: 2024-05-19

Job Description

Shareteah Humanitarian Organization (SHO) is an Iraqi National NGO promoting safety & development through mine action and explosive ordnance risk education (EORE)awareness, and clearance of mines, explosives and remnants of assistance for people affected by armed conflict. Founded in 2016, SHO has organized & executed programs throughout Iraq. including the provinces of Nineveh, Duhok, Kirkuk, Tikrit, Anbar, and Baghdad. It currently holds offices in Duhok and Mosul.


A world where people can prosper in a safe environment, free from the fear & hazards of explosives.


To promote safety & development through humanitarian mine action & education among people affected by war. 

Under the supervision of the clearance team leader, the SHO Searcher is responsible for conducting mines search and tagging within the BAC-IEDD search tasks under the direct supervision of the Clearance Team Leader.  His/her duties will be in accordance with the drills and procedures taught during his/hers IMAS Level 1 Course or during the BAC-IEDD Searcher Level One Course.


  • Conducting Searching and tagging activities in the battle area in order to locate potential IED operations as a member of a Clearance Team. The search activities are conducted as per the approved DMA map and a daily target of IED search area is assigned.
  • Informing the team leader orally and physically by raising the hand whenever a potential IED is allocated ensuring the lowest number of times incorrect identification is conducted.
  • Ensuring that clearance trainings and procedures are performed as instructed and assessed by SHO staff, and in accordance with SHO SOPs. In the event where demining activities cease for any reason for more than a week, a refresher technical training about demining activities would be considered as a must.
  • Ensuring that all equipment used in the performance of his/her duties is correctly inspected, tested, operated and maintained, and getting the approval from the team leader that the tested and inspected equipment are well functioning before heading to field and during the working in order to ensure a zero level of tolerance against malfunctioning equipment.
  • Getting the approval from the team leader against a stable mental health before heading to the field in order to ensure the lowest possible level of security related risks.
  • Implementing efficiently the “Stop, Stand, Stil” policy when operating in the field upon facing an urgency in order to mitigate the risk uncharted activities area.
  • Informing any errors/faults immediately to the Team Leader/Site Supervisor in order to keep a high level of personal safety and security.
  • Any Other Tasks Required by Lien Manager

Other Requirement: 

  • EOD Level one 

If you have the required qualification and requirements, apply for this position by submitting your CV to the below email


- Submit your CV in PDF format

- Label the email subject as "Searcher-Talafer"

- Government employees are not eligible to apply for the job

- Because of the urgency of the position, the recruitment      process, including CV review and possibly interviews,       will    be conducted during the advertisement period.

Failure to meet these conditions will result in the application not being considered


إذا كان لديك المؤهلات المطلوبة, يمكنك التقديم لهذا المنصب عن طريق إرسال سيرتك الذاتية  للبريد الإلكتروني ادناه


- أرسل سيرتك الذاتية بصيغة PDF

- قم بتسمية موضوع البريد الإلكتروني باسم "Searcher-Talafer"

-الموظفين الحكوميين غير مؤهلين للتقديم على الوظيفة

- بسبب ضرورة الوظيفة، سيتم إجراء عملية التوظيف، بما في ذلك مراجعة السيرة الذاتية وربما المقابلات، خلال فترة الإعلان.

عدم الاستيفاء بما ذكر سيؤدي إلى عدم النظر في طلبكم

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